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Deontay Wilder Says The Reason He Lost Against Tyson Fury Was Because His Costume Was Too Heavy


Deontay Wilder says the reason he lost against Tyson Fury was because his costume was too heavy. In February 2020, the world witnessed one of the most anticipated boxing matches of the year: Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury II.

The much-anticipated rematch was a huge event, with fans and critics eagerly awaiting to see who would come out on top. However, after the fight, Wilder sparked a major controversy by claiming that the reason he lost was due to his costume being too heavy.

Wilder, a former WBC heavyweight champion, wore an elaborate 40-pound costume during his ring walk to the fight.

After the fight, Deontay Wilder says the reason he lost against Tyson Fury was because his costume was too heavy. In interviews, Wilder claimed that the costume was too heavy, and that it left his legs feeling weak and tired before the fight even started.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Wilder said, "My uniform was way too heavy. It was 40-plus pounds. We had it on 10 or 15 minutes before we even walked out and then put the helmet on. That was extra weight, then the ring walk, then going up the stairs. It was a lot of weight, man. It was like training with weights on or running with weights."

Wilder's claim that the costume was the reason for his loss was met with widespread skepticism and ridicule. Many critics and fans saw it as an excuse for his poor performance and a way to avoid taking responsibility for the loss.

In response to the controversy, Fury dismissed Wilder's claims, stating that he had worn a similar outfit in his own ring walk, and it had not affected his performance. Fury also noted that he had trained extensively to prepare for the fight and that Wilder's claims were simply an excuse for his loss.

Despite the backlash, Wilder continued to stand by his claim, even going as far as to say that he had fired the costume designer who had created the outfit for him. He later clarified that he did not believe the costume was solely responsible for his loss, but that it had been a contributing factor.

The controversy surrounding Wilder's claim highlights the pressure that athletes face when competing at the highest level. In such a high-stakes environment, even small factors can have a significant impact on an athlete's performance.

While Wilder's claim may have been met with skepticism and ridicule, it underscores the importance of careful preparation and attention to detail in all aspects of an athlete's performance.

Furthermore, the controversy also raised questions about the role of excuses in sports. While it is natural for athletes to want to explain their losses, excuses can often be seen as a way to avoid taking responsibility for one's performance.

In the case of Wilder, his claim that the costume was too heavy may have detracted from Fury's victory, and may have even damaged Wilder's reputation as a top athlete.

Deontay Wilder Blames Heavy Costume For Loss To Tyson Fury | The Jim Rome Show

In addition to the controversy surrounding Wilder's claim about his costume, there were other factors that contributed to his loss to Fury. Wilder suffered a cut on his left ear early in the fight, which caused him to bleed heavily and affected his balance. Fury also used his superior boxing skills to outmaneuver Wilder and land heavy punches throughout the fight.

After the fight, there was speculation about whether Wilder would exercise his contractual right to a rematch against Fury. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rematch was postponed several times before ultimately being rescheduled for October 2021.

Leading up to the rematch, Wilder made several controversial statements, including accusing Fury of cheating in their previous fight and making racially charged comments about Fury's Romani heritage. Despite the buildup, Fury ultimately dominated the rematch, winning by technical knockout in the 11th round.

Following the loss, Wilder fired his longtime trainer Mark Breland, who had thrown in the towel during the Fury fight to stop Wilder from taking further punishment. Wilder also made other changes to his team and training regimen in an effort to rebound from the loss.

Despite the controversy and setbacks, Wilder remains one of the most popular and exciting fighters in the sport of boxing. He holds a record of 42 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw, with 41 of his wins coming by way of knockout. Fans and pundits continue to speculate about his future in the sport and whether he will ever regain the heavyweight championship.

What Did Fans Think About Deontay Wilder Blaming His Costume For His Loss?

When Deontay Wilder lost his heavyweight boxing title to Tyson Fury in February 2020, he made headlines by blaming his loss on his costume, which he claimed was too heavy and had drained his legs of energy before the fight even started. While some fans were sympathetic to Wilder's claim, others were not convinced and found it to be an excuse for his poor performance.

Many fans took to social media to express their opinions on the matter. Some felt that Wilder was simply making excuses for his loss and that he should have taken responsibility for his performance. Others were more understanding, with some even praising him for being honest about what had happened.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "I think it's a valid excuse. The guy had to wear a 40-pound costume for 10 minutes, then he had to take it off and get in the ring to fight. Of course, he's going to be tired."

Another fan tweeted, "I don't think the costume was the only reason he lost, but it definitely could have been a factor. People are quick to criticize, but they don't understand how hard it is to be a professional boxer."

However, many fans were less forgiving, with some calling Wilder's claim "ridiculous" and "embarrassing". One fan tweeted, "Blaming your costume for losing a fight is just sad. It's time for Wilder to take responsibility for his own performance." Another fan wrote, "I used to be a fan of Wilder, but this is just ridiculous. He's making himself look like a sore loser."

Overall, it seems that opinions were divided among fans about whether or not Wilder's claim was valid. While some were sympathetic to his situation, others felt that he should have taken responsibility for his loss and not used his costume as an excuse. In the end, the controversy only added to the drama of the fight and kept fans talking about it long after it was over.

People Also Ask

What Was Deontay Wilder's Costume For The Fight Against Tyson Fury?

Deontay Wilder wore a costume that weighed around 40 pounds during his fight against Tyson Fury.

Did Deontay Wilder Blame His Loss On The Weight Of His Costume?

Yes, Deontay Wilder blamed his loss on the weight of his costume, claiming that it was too heavy and affected his legs.

Did Deontay Wilder's Costume Actually Weigh 40 Pounds?

It's unclear exactly how much Deontay Wilder's costume weighed, but his team confirmed that it was a heavy costume.

Did Deontay Wilder Have Any Other Excuses For His Loss To Tyson Fury?

Deontay Wilder also claimed that he had a leg injury leading up to the fight, which may have contributed to his loss.

Was Deontay Wilder's Claim About His Costume Widely Accepted By The Boxing Community?

Deontay Wilder's claim about his costume was largely seen as an excuse by the boxing community, and many critics dismissed it as an attempt to deflect from his performance in the fight.


Deontay Wilder says the reason he lost against Tyson Fury was because his costume was too heavy. The controversy surrounding Deontay Wilder's claim that his heavy costume was the reason for his loss to Tyson Fury highlights the intense pressure that athletes face when competing at the highest level.

While the claim may have been met with skepticism and ridicule, it underscores the importance of careful preparation and attention to detail in all aspects of an athlete's performance. Ultimately, it is up to athletes to take responsibility for their performance and to avoid using excuses to deflect from their losses.

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