Dexter fans, your patience has paid off.

It’s been confirmed that after an eight year hiatus, the bloody good serial killer is making a comeback.

Production for season 9 is expected to start later this year, with the series arriving in 2021.

There’ll be 10 episodes to look forward to and it’ll be debuting on America’s Showtime channel.

Don’t worry, Michael C Hall  is coming back to play Dexter, the forensic blood spatter analyst who works with the police and spends the rest of the time as a vigilante killer.

It was announced in typically subtle style on Twitter.

President of entertainment at Showtime, Gary Levine, said in a statement: “We would only revisit this unique character if we could find a creative take that was truly worthy of the brilliant, original series. Well, I am happy to report that (executive producer) Clyde Phillips and Michael C Hall have found it.”

Many fans were unhappy with how the last season ended in 2013, with many describing it as a disappointment after a fantastic series, showing Dexter working as a lumberjack. They’re hoping the new season will put things right.

No details have been revealed of the new plot, and it’s not been announced if any of the show’s other main characters will return.

Are you excited or did the finale put you off?


Image via Alamy