‘Die Hard’ Has Officially Been Named A Christmas Film To End The Debate Once And For All

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, Film
Published 24.12.19

The whole ‘Die Hard is a Christmas film’ debate is one that rears its ugly head every year.

What is the Christmas film criteria? Is it enough for a film to be set during Christmas? Or does it have to have Christmas themes running throughout it?


I mean, there was a poll last year that listed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as a Christmas film. There’s no way I would count that as a Christmas film!

Anyway, back to Die Hard. Apparently, it’s a Christmas film.

How do I know this? 20th Century Fox told me so.

They even released a 30-year celebration trailer last year featuring the phrase: “The greatest Christmas story ever told”. 


I’m not sure I agree…

“This is John,” a voiceover begins.

“He just wants to spend Christmas with the family. But when he gets stuck at the office party, it’ll be a holiday he’ll never forget.

“This Christmas get ready to jingle some bells, and deck the halls with boughs of Holly [Gennaro], Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, together in the greatest Christmas story ever told.”


And the whole thing ends with Argyle telling John: “If this is your idea of Christmas, I’ve got to be here for New Years!”

If you still need more confirmation that Die Hard is a Christmas film, then read on.

Steven E. de Souza – the guy that essentially wrote the film – responded to CNN’s Jake Tapper’s question about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas film and guess what, he confirmed that it is.

There you have it: Die Hard IS a Christmas film.


Not that I’m a massive fan of it anyway; the Honest Trailer is way better in my opinion.

Images via Twitter/20th Century Fox

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