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The Egg-Cellent Guide About Different Colored Chicken Eggs


Imagine the thrill of gazing into your nesting boxes every day and discovering a rainbow of different colored chicken eggs.

Ancona white, olive, naked neck, copper Marans colored eggs pink-colored towels
Ancona white, olive, naked neck, copper Marans colored eggs pink-colored towels

It is estimated that there are more than 60 different chicken breeds recognised by the American Poultry Association, as well as hundreds of other chicken breeds that have been developed around the world — many of which lay beautiful eggs in a rainbow of colours ranging from white to cream, green, pink, blue, and even chocolate brown.

While the color of the eggshell has absolutely no bearing on the nutritional content or flavor of the egg, if you want to add a splash of color to your egg basket, try some of the other breeds that produce eggs that are a variety of colors.

Breeders such as Chickens for Backyards and Meyer Hatchery are making more and more of these relatively unusual varieties available to the public, while others can still only be found through specialty breeders on the internet.

White, brown, light brown, green, etc. colored eggs on a black bg
White, brown, light brown, green, etc. colored eggs on a black bg

Is It Possible To Predict The Color Of An Egg?

There is a way to tell - all it takes is a close look at the breed of chicken in question. Eggs from chickens of the same breed are often of the same color unless otherwise noted.

The color of your hens' earlobes is another useful trick, albeit it is not always foolproof because some Different Colored Chicken Eggs do not adhere to this standard of coloration.

However, in general, a chicken with white earlobes will produce white eggs, and a bird with red earlobes will produce brown eggs unless otherwise specified.

White, multicolored, back and white spotted, brown and black spotted, brown and dark brown on a grey bg
White, multicolored, back and white spotted, brown and black spotted, brown and dark brown on a grey bg

In this case, hybrid chicken breedsor those from the mixed parent stock, as well as Silkies, are exempt from the rule. Silkies have blue earlobes, yet they only lay white eggs, which is unfortunate.

The genetics of egg colour does not come from a single parent, either. It is not only up to the rooster or the hen to decide. Usually, the genes from both parents are responsible for the colour of the shell.

The majority of the time, the colour of an egg will be the same within a breed. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as hybrid breeds and certain types of Easter Eggers, where individual hens in the same flock can each lay a different colour egg.

Please keep in mind that each chicken can only lay one color of the egg at a time.

This is decided by her genetics, and it is not something that can be changed by age, nutrition, or any other aspect of the environment.

That being said, anxious chickens may lay eggs with unusually shaped eggshells or even eggshells that are a slightly brighter shade of white than usual.

"Yep. Easter egger chickens are hard to peel. They have a VERY thick shell on them. Black Jersey Giants, on the other hand, have a much thinner shell that comes off pretty easy. Same with Barred rock and Sapphire Gem.

I've actually dropped an easter egger egg off of a 10-foot high wall onto dirt, and it didn't crack."

-bmorriss0042 (Reddit)

What Is The Rarest Egg Color?

Favaucana and Green Egg-Layers are two of my favorite breakfast foods.

When it comes to the various eggshell colors that are available, green eggs are possibly the most difficult to come by. Only a few varieties produce green eggs, and many of them are very new to the chicken world, having been developed by crossbreeding between top egg layers such as Leghorns and Ameraucanas.


The natural color of eggshells is derived from the breeds of chickens that lay them and it is the most amazing and awe-inspiring thing I have ever seen. The taste of these different colored chicken eggs would be the same or probably not. It is a query till I try it myself. And yes, sometimes it feels magical as I am a great admirer of nature as well as magical beings.

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