Ahhh, the wonderful world of memes and NFTs.

It can seem like a whole other language, but it seems like non-fungible tokens aren’t going away anytime soon.

The woman made famous by the “Disaster Girl” meme has made a fortune from the photo.

She has sold the original of the iconic picture as an NFT for an incredible $473,000.

Zoe Roth is now 21-years-old, but the picture of her as a four-year-old made her famous on the internet.

In the picture, she’s standing in front of a burning building, with a smirk.

Zoe is now at university, and decided that selling the original picture as an NFT would be a great way to make some money.


If you’re wondering what on earth an NFT is, you’re not alone.
“Non-fungible” is a fancy way of saying it can’t be transferred. These are tokenised versions of assets – which can be anything from art, to an album, to a photo.
They can be traded on a blockchain, in the same was as Bitcoin.
Some artists are making an absolute killing from the format. Digital artist Beeple sold his “Everydays” NFT  for $68m at Christie’s.
Musicians Kings Of Leon and Grimes have also sold NFTs of their music, saying it is a great way for artists to earn. They say it is far more lucrative than earning money through music streaming.

Disaster Girl

So how did the meme come about?

The now infamous photo was taken by her amateur photographer father Dave.

Eventually, Zoe received an email in February that said it was worth a significant figure in the market.

The picture was taken back in January 2005.

Zoe and her family were living near a fire station in Mebane, North Carolina.

Firefighters there performed a controlled burn to clear a property.

Her father decided to test out his new camera.

Unsurprisingly, the picture won JPG magazine’s “Emotion Capture” contest.

It soon went viral and popped up on multiple image sharing websites.


Meanwhile, the picture was listed as an NFT on an auction site for 24 hours earlier this month.

It eventually sold for 180 ether, coins of the cryptocurrency ethereum.

Each coin is currently worth $2,644.

Ms Roth and her father will also receive 10 per cent of the sale any time the NFT is bought in the future.

So what will she do with all of the money?

Well, Zoe says she will share with her family and give her portion to non-profits.

Ms Roth told The Raleigh News & Observer: “Nobody who is a meme tried to do that, it just ended up that way. Is it luck? Is it fate? I have no idea. But I will take it.”

Would you buy an NFT?

Image via Zoe Roth