Disgusting Clip Shows Local People Riding On The Back Of A Sea Turtle

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 11.07.19

In pretty horrible footage, people can be seen riding a sea turtle on the sand in Indonesia for fun.

You have to wonder about the psyche of the kind of people who do things like this. Obviously there’s worse things you can do, but this just seems needlessly cruel.

You can sort of see someone thinking that this might be okay if the turtle was in the water – which is still probably isn’t – but even though turtles can move on the ground, they’re really not very good at it. Land really isn’t their domain.


A quick side note, I genuinely knew a guy who, with not a single trace of irony, told me that he one had to dive to the bottom of the sea in Greece so he could free the stuck anchor on this boat he rented. He did what he was supposed to do, but he realised that he was so deep that he didn’t have enough breath left to swim back up. At that moment, a sea turtle approached, sort of nodded at him, he grabbed onto its shell and it dragged him up to the surface.

leatherback sea turtle

He really told me that.

That’s neither here nor there though, because this actually happened and it’s not at all a funny story. Filmed on the 5th of July at Asukweri beach, a leatherback turtle was on the shore to lay its eggs when people started interfering.


People can be seen taking it in turns to ride the animal, while some even go as far as throwing sand at it and grabbing its flippers. One man even put his feet on the turtle’s head.


The turtle tries to escape to the sea, when it is shoved by a man and harassed some more. It’s absolutely despicable behaviour and you just can’t fathom how selfish and cruel some people are, seemingly without even realising.

The number of leatherback sea turtles in the wild has declined vastly of recent, primarily down to plastic pollution, fishing nets and lobster traps.

Just gross.

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