Bit of a grim one this but I’ve drawn the short straw so I’ll have to write it.

It could be worse, though, I could be the person subjected to a taste of someone else’s guff after being locked in some sort of dirty poop chamber.

Now, we’ve all heard of a Dutch Oven, haven’t we? I’ve done it to my girlfriend several times over the years and every time she seems to get more and more appalled by it. (If you don’t know what it is go on Urban Dictionary or something).


Well this guy took it to a whole new level by aiming his sick, sick behaviour at an unassuming girl seemingly having a grand old time in a karaoke booth.

As can be seen from the video below, the dirty bugger in question brazenly walks over to the booth before bending over and letting one rip into the poor girl’s vicinity.


Then, as she smells the evil around her, she tries to escape this Hell, only for said farter to hold the door shut, only compounding her misery.


When she’s suffered enough, he runs off into the night like the phantom farter he is.

What a depraved human being.


Check it out:

I was going to say that I hope that’s his girlfriend and this is one big hilarious joke, but I think I’d feel even more sorry for her if it was.

I don’t know what’s gotten into people recently as this comes after another foul incident, this time at a wedding.

A woman was getting married, and when she walked down the aisle to see the groom, she divulged a little too much information.


As a song was being sung at the ceremony, the couple exchanged a few words with her saying she couldn’t believe the day has actually come, with the groom adding she looked amazing. It was very nice, until she leaned in and said:

I took a really big dump right before I came down the aisle.

guy farthing in karaoke booth

Of course, she totally didn’t realise that the groom was wearing a microphone for the sake of the resulting wedding day video.

The groom, then laughing, asked:

What the hell is wrong with you?”


And hilarity ensued as he added, “The videographer heard what you just said“.

The camera then zooms in on the bride’s face as she simply replies, “oh god…”

Just nasty stuff all-round really.

How’s that for a Monday morning?