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Disney Finally Reveals When The UK Is Getting Disney


Disney finally reveals when the UK is getting Disney.After much anticipation, Disney+ finally arrived in the UK on 31st March 2020. The launch had been long-awaited since the streaming service had been released in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands on 12th November 2019.

Disney+ Launches In The UK After A Long Wait

Disney+ has been described as a potential rival to Netflixand Amazon Prime, with the backing of Disney's classic animation films and new original content from Marvel, Pixar, LucasArts, National Geographic, and Fox. The launch was long-awaited in the UK, and fans had expressed their displeasure about the delay.

Available in the UK & More March 31 | Disney+

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the UK and other European markets would get access to the streaming service by 31st March 2020.

Despite the delay, the UK launch included all the content available in other countries, including popular shows like The Mandalorian, which had already aired in the US. Disney+ has an extensive library of content, including animated classics, exclusive films, and TV shows.

Many fans had expressed their disappointment with the delay in the UK launch. Social media was awash with people bemoaning the wait, with one fan posting: "A loooooong wait until #DisneyPlus comes to the UK."

Fans also expressed their displeasure that they would have to wait to watch original content that was already out there, such as The Mandalorian.

Despite the delay, the UK launch was highly anticipated, and Disney+ promised to offer a streaming experience like no other. The service provides a range of content for people of all ages, and it is expected to revolutionize the way that people watch and consume their favorite TV showsand movies.

Despite the frustration and disappointment of UK fans, there was a silver lining to the delayed release date. It gave Disney+ an opportunity to learn from the launch in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands and potentially avoid any technical glitches or content issues.

It also allowed them to build up excitement and anticipation for the launch in the UK and other European countries. And while the wait may have been agonizing, it was important to remember that once Disney+ did arrive, it undoubtedly changed the game in the streaming world and provided viewers with endless hours of entertainment.


In conclusion, the launch of Disney+ in the UK was long-awaited, but it finally arrived on 31st March 2020. Fans were eager to enjoy the extensive library of content, including exclusive films and TV shows.

Although the delay had caused frustration among some fans, the anticipation surrounding the UK launch was intense. Disney+ is expected to compete with other streaming services such as Netflixand Amazon Prime and provide viewers with an innovative and entertaining experience.

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