Disney+ Officially Launches In America, Canada And The Netherlands, But Not Without “Technical Issues”

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Published 12.11.19

Disney+ has a bumpy first day in America, Canada and The Netherlands, but we’re still totally jealous

WARNING: This story contains possible The Mandalorian spoilers


Countless House of Mouse fans in America, Canada and Holland have been counting down the days to the release of Disney’s brand-new streaming service Disney+. And now, that day has arrived (12th November) and the metaphorical keys to the kingdom have been handed over and the gates to a multiverse of streaming have been unlocked.

And all us poor unfortunate souls in the UK can do is read the spoilers and comments from behind our screens; on the outside looking in – this must be how Ariel felt.

On the plus side, at least we can all revel in what’s f*cking up on day one (and f*ck ups have happened) and start prioritising and organising all this content viewing in our 2020 diaries (oh, sorry, yeah – we’re not getting this until 31st March 2020, FYI).


It’s a whole new world

The content is just as sexy as we were warned. Brand new shows, OG shows, ‘Animated Classics’, every Star Wars movie, every Marvel movie, National Geographic content and 20th Century Fox content. Yes, that means every episode of The Simpsons.


I’m suddenly thinking about the number of sickies that must’ve been pulled in these countries today.


The Mandalorian

America, Canada and The Netherlands can now watch the first episode of the highly-anticipated series by Jon Favreau on Disney+. Naturally, the Star Wars geeks are living. The second episode will be made available to the US, Canada and the Netherlands on 15th November.

Okay, here comes that Mandalorian spoiler I warned you about. Although, if you’ve spent more than 12 seconds on Twitter today, you probably already know about it.

Baby Yoda

Here’s one I didn’t see coming. An infant version of the Jedi master ‘s species has been revealed as a character in The Mandalorian. The internet is calling him ‘Baby Yoda’, but my Star Wars gays tell me he’s actually 50 years old. Anyway, he’s undeniably cute, so social media’s naturally in love. But it’s bittersweet, as we’re all p*ssed we even know about him here in the UK.


Connectivity issues

Apparently a fair few users have had issues connecting to the streaming service today. Poor Wreck-It-Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz pulled the short-straw as the faces of the streaming service’s “you can’t come in” page.

wreck it ralph connectivity

Disney+ has admitted that “consumer demand for Disney+ has exceeded” their “high expectations”, resulting in “technical issues” on day one. According to several outlets, over 7,000 users have reported issues.

Disney+ drops in the UK 31st March 2020

Disney CEO Bob Iger yesterday confirmed that the UK and all major European markets would gain access to the streaming service by 31st March 2020, which means that while multiple countries are enjoying a plethora of online content, lots of us in Europe will be sat here twiddling our thumbs – praying that Disney Life (Disney’s current streaming service) will get its act together to get us through these long, lonely few months.

DIsney+ promo image

Price packages for Disney Plus UK are yet to be announced, however, the confirmed price points for the USA suggests that the streaming service will be competitively priced. Disney Plus US is offering a monthly option priced at $6.99 a month and an annual option at $69.99 (which sounds like a foolproof Christmas gift).


Or I suppose Easter gift, for us. *sits patiently and side-eyes at Netflix*

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