Nothing has caused more family arguments than a festive game of Monopoly, and if you say you haven’t stormed off in a huff after being bankrupted by the c*nt with hotels on Mayfair, you’d be lying.

You know how they say serial killers started off by tearing the legs off frogs when they were kids, I reckon those arseholes you see on The Apprentice started their lives off by getting punch drunk on Monopoly power. They’ve seen that sweet mula from an early age and it’s given them a taste for business and ripping off the little guy.

Nevertheless, the classic board game has its merits, and no toy or product in history has been reinvented and sold so many times with very little fundamentally changing, other than a few tokens.

But now, the latest in a long line of thematic Monopoly boards is here, and it’s Disney Theme Parks edition.

The game allows you to play as Walt Disney and buy up the most popular Disney Theme Park attractions – such as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Space Mountain, Disney Skyliner, The Haunted Mansion, and more.


The unique board features a pop-up Fantasyland Castle, while the Chance and Community Chest tiles have now been replaced with Magic and Fantasy cards.

The game also comes with six brand new tokens to move around the board, including: a Disney Cruise ship, a box of Disney Parks popcorn, and even Cinderella’s glass slipper.

The official description on the ShopDisney website reads:

“Combine the world’s most popular theme parks with the world’s most popular board game and you’ll have the world’s most fun! This edition features exciting new properties, your favorite attractions, Disney character tokens, and a pop-up Disney castle.”

Also, unlike the real Disney parks, you won’t be spending an absolute fortune to visit the attractions, as instead of ‘Monopoly credits’, you purchase the properties with ‘Wishes’.


However, like all great things, it’s already sold out on the ShopDisney website – but when it does become available again it’ll cost you $49.99 – an extortionate amount of money to pay for a board game.

If you’re into Monopoly/Disney then this is obviously right up your street, however, I have to admit the game is somewhat tainted for me these days.

I once had a double date which consisted of two girls coming round to my friend’s house to play The Lord Of The Rings Monopoly with us.

It was a genuine nightmare experience, made all the worse by the fact they’d never even seen the films.

We binned them off there and then.

Images via ShopDisney