Disneyland Is Building A Brand New Marvel Expansion For 2020

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Published 14.06.19
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Disney have announced plans to expand and build an entire new Marvel theme park.

For reasons beyond human comprehension, Disney built an Avatar-themed park in their Florida resort, thinking it would compete with the Harry Potter world just across the road.

Almost as if Disney didn’t have any amazing properties already to make a theme park from, they borrowed James Cameron’s awful Avatar franchise from Fox – something they didn’t own at the time – and made a world where you can’t eat the foods you saw in your favourite films or choose a wand from the world-famous wand shop, but rather look at a plant that glows and buy a tiny plastic dragon for like $90.

Something must have clicked though, since almost immediately after that, they decided to make Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – where if you substitute wands for lightsabers, it’s the perfect alternative – and now they’re going even further.

Workers probably haven’t even finished peeling the plastic off the screens at Galaxy’s Edge, yet Disney have just announced that they’re going to be building a Marvel world.

The California Adventure Park has had planning permission granted, as reported by the LA Times, and these include a bathroom overhaul, a retail outlet, a microbrewery, a character meet-and-greet area and improvements to existing buildings.

disney marvel theme park
What I’m imagining

A Bug’s Land – the park based around the Pixar film A Bug’s Life – is being demolished to make way for the Marvel world, where production has already begun under the name ‘Stark Industries’. Very cool.

So far, the permit covers upgrades costing a hefty $14 million, but Disney plan to go even further than that, with an interactive Spider-Man ride being rumoured. God, imagine the queues.

Concurrently, Disney are opening more Marvel attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris and at Epcot park in Florida, in 2023, 2020, and 2021 respectively.

More details are assumed to be released come 23rd – 25th August, as Dinsey’s D23 takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center.

We’ll keep you updated…

Now, I’m fully aware that people don’t have an hour to spend watching a video on the whim of myself, but if you do, watch Jenny Nicholson’s very deep – and funny – look into Disney’s Avatar world that I mentioned earlier. I honestly couldn’t give less of a sh*t about the subject matter, but the video is profoundly interesting.

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