Disney’s $1 Billion Star Wars Land Is Almost Finished

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Published 24.04.19

The Last Jedi left me with a decidedly sour taste in my mouth after watching it.

Almost two years on, and several more viewings since, my feelings haven’t changed.

Director Rhian Johnson, in my opinion, took the franchise in a direction (a Disneyfied one, let’s be honest) that to me just seemed a galaxy far, far away from the Star Wars saga I’ve come to know and love.


Glaring plot-holes, disappointing character arcs – you’ve heard it all already – pretty much sapped my interest in the Star Wars universe, which is probably why my review of Solo would simply be, ‘meh.’


However, and it’s a big however, the trailer for Episode IX, The Rise Of Skywalker, recently dropped and suddenly my interest has peaked once again.


I don’t want to jinx it like I did with TLJ, but it looks as though they might have salvaged the sequel trilogy.

And now the Star Wars brand is expanding ever further, as Disney are close to unveiling their new Star Wars land at Disney World Orlando.

At a reported cost of $1bn (£773m) and spread over a huge 14-acre area, Star Wars: Galaxy Edge is set to open on August 29th 2019 and I have to say it looks incredible.

Loads of aerial shots have been captured, which show The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride nearly fully built.


The spaceship is the exact replica of the ship from the films, measuring more than 100 feet long, and, as part of the experience, a team of six people will operate the spacecraft during an interactive experience that.

I went on something similar at Disneyland Paris and it was pre-ty mind-blowing.

Another large attraction appears to be the second ride called Rise of the Resistance. Guests will play as new Resistance recruits and go on a journey on a full-size starship. Apparently a hologram image of Rey will appear with a message before guests board their ship that takes off from Batuu before heading off into orbit only to be intercepted by a nearby Star Destroyer.


Sign me up. I’m so sold you don’t even know.

As well as the futuristic rides and amusements, the park is also going to feature a number of restaurants with Star Wars inspired names like Ronto Roasters and Oga’s Cantina – incidentally the first places in a Disneyland park that will sell booze.


This ain’t gonna come cheap, though; prices for entry are set to hike up, with it setting you back $104 (£80) for a one day ticket to one of the parks.

You know what I say to that?

I know I said earlier that my interest in Star Wars has waned, but I was wrong.

This news has confirmed that it’s very much still alive.

Still, the rides will have their work cut out to try and top the Ratatouille ride I went on in Paris. I swear I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

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