Disney released the long-awaited trailer for the upcoming Cruella movie, starring Emma Stone.

However, not everyone is happy with it. Fans are accusing Disney of “normalising animal cruelty”

The live-action film is a prequel of sorts to 101 Dalmatians and will give viewers an origin story to the arch-villain Cruella de Vil.

Glenn Close previously played the role in 1996, and again in the 2000 sequel 102 Dalmatians.

In these films, de Vil was portrayed as ruthless and violent, much like her cartoon version. Close’s character was the big boss of a high fashion company.

Audiences so far feel that the trailer shows Cruella in a positive light, and they fear we are meant to “sympathise” with her.

Plenty of people have been making comparisons to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, which some also felt wasn’t harsh enough.

One critic wrote: “Taking a leaf from Maleficent and The Joker, Disney has decided to release Cruella, forgetting that people don’t like watching people hunt puppies for fashion… You know, like that villain in that Dalmation movie.”

They later added: “If Disney try to soften Cruella it would fail because this isn’t about magic, but about fur farming and animal cruelty.”

Another says: “There is no possible way Disney can make me sympathize with [an] animal cruelty lover.”

Agreeing, someone else wrote: “No, Disney, I’m so not here for you trying to spin animal cruelty and murdering puppies for fashion into any sort of villain redemption story. Hard pass.”


The trailer starts by showing red-headed Estella arriving at her work at Liberty in London where she works for Emma Thompson’s character Baroness, who is the head of a prestigious fashion house.

Estella says: ‘From the very beginning I realised I saw the world differently to everyone else. That didn’t sit well with some people’.

Her transformation into Cruella is then seen, as she’s heard laughing:  “How does the saying go? I am woman. Hear me roar.”

Cruella is scheduled to be theatrically released in the US on May 28, 2021.

This isn’t the only controversy Disney has faced recently. Fans were angry that black characters in Soul were dubbed by white actors.
European dubs of the films used a white actor to record the voiceover of the lead role, a black man.
The New York Times first noted the swap in Denmark. One such dub generated a Portuguese petition to re-dub the film, signed by more than 17,000 people. However, not all European dubs have fallen foul, including the French dub starring Omar Sy.

Animated Short

Another animated film is receiving criticism for unrealistic body proportions. The short film, called Inner Workings, was released back in 2016. It wasn’t until recently that people revisited it and weren’t happy with the scale of the female characters.

Fans were commenting, asking where the character’s organs are, while another noticed she was missing elbows.

Others were quick to defend though, writing: “I guess next they will be complaining about Olive Oyl’s figure or Betty Boop’s head is too big. Bugs Bunny is too tall to be a rabbit. Geez people they are cartoons. They have been exaggerating the human body for close to a century now. Stop beating all the fun out of life.”

Do you agree that people are being too sensitive?

Image via Disney