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Does Transgender Barbie Have A Penis? The Doll That Shocked The Whole World


After going viral, a children's "transgender" doll with a penis sold at a Russian toy shop sparked conflicting responses on social media. Does transgender barbie have a penis?

The little blonde doll, which at first glance seems to be feminine, has brilliant blue eyes, pink lips, and a red-spotted frock.

However, upon closer scrutiny, it is seen that she really has a penis beneath her dress and pair of white trousers.

And the Planeta Igrushek (Planet of Toys) store in Siberia was selling the toy, which is regarded as one of the first transsexual dolls in the world.

The "progressive" doll, however, has elicited conflicting reactions from social media users particularly in a conservative nation where LGBTQ rights are rigorously restricted.

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One Twitter user questioned why this doll was made differently since Barbie never incorporated human genitalia to other dolls.

Does Transgender Barbie Have A Penis?

The doll with a penis
The doll with a penis

Images of a doll with long blonde hair and feminine facial characteristics were shared online.

And what looks to be male genitalia is hidden behind a frock with red and yellow polka dots.

It is believed that the doll, which was among the first child transgender dolls in the world, was the first of its sort to be seen in Russia.

When a transgender doll debuted at Toys R Us in Argentina in 2018, it sparked controversy, and toymaker Mattel unveiled a gender-neutral Barbie doll in 2019.


The images attracted opinion on social media, with one writing: "Is it ok to produce toys like that for children?"


Another said: "All they have to do is buy a medical tool kit and the kid can learn how to amputate."

However, some folks weren't thrilled with the innovative toy.


One user wrote: "I think it is really terrible what is going on in this child's parent's head.


"Have you considered that it could simply be a manufacturing defect? Or they accidentally put a female head on a male body?"

Baby dolls have been known for their ambiguity for decades. Are these newborn girls? Are they infant boys? Who could say without their pink or blue clothing, really?

The divisive impact of the doll has spurred a discussion about how parents interact with their children when it comes to body parts. Beyer said that she did not see the doll to be a significant issue.

Parents should use the proper terminology for male and female body parts when speaking to their children, according to parenting experts.

Dolls With Genitals Is Not A New Surprise

Barbie with penis
Barbie with penis

A Barbie doll that has a surprise between its legs went viral in December 2019. Parents demanded that MGA Entertainment, a toy manufacturer, modify the packaging or include warning labels.


β€œAttention parents please check your children’s Barbie Surprise dolls. The boy dolls are inappropriate and obscene for small children especially girls as they are anatomically correct with no warning on the package.”

Transgender Doll With Penis Dressed As Girl Confuses Children

A baby wearing a pink dress and being surprised
A baby wearing a pink dress and being surprised

The first transgender female doll with a penis was on sale in December 2019 at the Planeta Igrushek shop in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Although a transsexual doll with a penis was marketed in Argentina in 2014, it was shown to be a fairy, which is technically not human. Children were perplexed, and parents are incensed.

First Educational Transgender Toy In Canada

A transgender nesting doll named "Sam" was produced as a teaching resource to "combat transphobia" in families.

Gender Creative Kids Canada created it. They share the belief of other liberal organizations that anyone who oppose transgenderism, such conservative Christians, are "transphobic." a danger to their liberal viewpoint.

Unisex Doll

The doll doesn't fundamentally represent or embody a nonbinary identity. They use advertising that are "genderqueer," "nonbinary," and "nonconforming."

The unisex dolls spread the idea that gender may be "played with" and readily changed. On the other side, Mattel, the company that turned the globe into an idealized Barbie and Ken, is releasing a new line of gender-neutral Barbie and Ken dolls.

For youngsters to dress their doll in "short or long hair, or a skirt or trousers or both," Culmone said that each doll comes with two wigs of various lengths that are wavy, straight, and braided.

People Also Ask

Is There A Gender Neutral Barbie?

Creatable World, the company's first line of gender-neutral dolls, has been released, according to the creators of Barbie and Hot Wheels.

The dolls' slight but substantial differences from Mattel's gendered Barbie and GI Joe dolls are apparent. The dolls are a blank canvas. There are no wide shoulders, big hips, or long eyelashes.

What Is A Male Barbie Called?

Mattel released the doll and fictitious character Ken in 1961 as Barbie's counterpoint. Barbie had been released two years previously.

Elliot Handler developed Ken. Ken, like Barbie, is named after Ken Handler, a child of Ruth Handler who passed away in 1994 from a brain tumor.

Is There A Fat Barbie Doll?

Actually, she resembles "curvy" Barbie. Mattel is too nice to say it, but "curvy" is code for obese.

Tall, voluptuous, and petite which is code for short are three new body types that Mattel has introduced to its Barbie Fashionistas range.

And yes, the original Barbie is still on the market, complete with long legs, a small waist, and a huge breast.

What You Need To Know

The doll with a penis and black hair
The doll with a penis and black hair
  • Laverne Cox's visage was recently incorporated into a Barbie doll, making her the first transgender Barbie ever produced by Mattel.
  • The doll wears a shimmering silver bodysuit underneath a removable red faux-leather corset and matching tulle skirt.
  • The doll is a part of Mattel's "celebrates visionaries whose tremendous achievements have helped define and affect culture" Barbie Tribute Collection.
  • Cox celebrated her 50th birthday, which fell on the same day the doll was released, with a suitably themed Barbie party on the rooftop of a New York hotel.


All of us should have access to the playthings that best reflect our personalities and help us develop into the people we will become.

The best method to help kids reach their full potential is via educational toys. Children can manipulate, investigate, and explore with toys.

As a result, students learn valuable skills while having fun. When choosing toys, gender-specific criteria should be used. High moral values should be instilled in them even if they are young.

The doll is one of the first child transsexual dolls ever discovered, and the first of its sort to be seen in Russia.

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