Dog Gives Owner ‘Mini Heart Attack’ After Helping Himself To Jam.

Pictures of Gody the corgi lying motionless on the floor covered in a red fluid left thousands of social media users shocked and angry at first.

Lại 1 phen hết hồn với thằng quỷ nhỏ 😩😩Xem full clip gody đại chiến dưa hấu tại #idolthanhlong

Posted by Candy The Corgi Official on Sunday, 22 March 2020

Of course, the small pup really does look dead and the scene resembles that of a murder as he lays on his back seemingly lifeless but as it happens this is just a case of dognapping.

It seems little Gody, who is a mischievous two-month-old pup found his way into a supply of dragon fruit and (as you do), gorged on it until he could no longer move opting to roll over on his back, covering himself in the remains and play dead.

I actually can’t get over how cute he is!

Gody’s owner must have felt nothing but sheer panic on discovering the pup but thankfully, he’s just a little greedy.

The post racked up more than 8,900 shares and 4,000 comments as social media users shared the post recognising their own mistake.

Apparently, corgi pups are notoriously greedy and won’t be satisfied with piddly portions so it’s hardly surprising Gody decided to raid the cupboards for snacks.

One commenter seemed to agree saying: “This scared the c*** out of me!!! Now I’m just giggling…such a Corgi act!”.

With another adding: “When I saw this my first thought was ‘why would you post this?’ Then I read what happened. LOL my Chewy would do something like that. He has corgi in him”.

Gody who lives in Vietnam with his owner has 75k followers of his own and is quite a sensation in the social media realm.

His owner told Bored Panda: “Because he’s a baby, like other baby dogs, he likes to get himself dirty and sleep a lot. He also loves to eat fruits”.

Explains a lot.

His owner shares regular ‘pupdates’ from Gody’s daily life and it seems he has a lot of fun.

Don’t you just love dogs?

I need at least four but my other half insists the kids are enough.

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