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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter-In-Law Strips To Feature On Racy Magazine


At the moment, it appears as though family members of beloved celebritiescan't wait to take their kits off.

Rebecca Lobie, Steve Irwin's niece, the bounty hunter’s daughter-in-law, strips to feature on Racy Magazine, in which she poses in various bikinis and flaunts her assets.

Who Is Rebecca Lobie?

Lobie, 32 years of age, is the daughter of Frank Muscillo, who is married to Irwin's sister, Joy, and she has quickly established a social media following.

However, it appears as though she faces stiff competition from a relative of another well-known face, as Jamie Chapman, the daughter-in-law of Dog the Bounty Hunter, has stripped down for the chance to appear on the front cover of Tricked, a tattoo magazine.

The wife of Leland Chapman, Dog's son, caused a stir by completely exposing her derriere.

Because she wanted to help her win first place, she used social media to show off her tattoos in a naked picture. She also asked people to vote for her by clicking the link in the text.

She also paid tribute to her husband's mother, Beth, who died last year at the age of 51, surrounded by her family, following a long, drawn-out battle with cancer.

Rebecca Lobie, wearing a bikini and taking selfies
Rebecca Lobie, wearing a bikini and taking selfies

Jamie stated to her 152,000 fans, "So it's voting season again! Voting has begun in earnest. Distribute it among your friends and family.

Remember, you get to vote every day, and just as each person matters, your votes do as well."

This will serve as practice for the November elections," she joked.

"The last time I did this, @mrsdog4real was rooting for me, and I felt her presence through all of the love and support from you guys, so thank you," Jamie concluded.

The Chapman clan became embroiled in a family feud shortly after "Dog" Duane Chapman began dating Moon Angell, a friend of his late wife.

Dog's daughter took to Twitter to say what she thought about her future stepmother, calling her a "disgusting woman."

"You're a disgusting woman," the 32-year-old businesswoman wrote.

"Anyone who moves in on a man weeks after he loses his wife, with whom you were supposed to be "friends," is the lowest form of scum on the planet.

"What would you do if someone who met your family through dating your brother attempted to date your father after your stepmom died?"


Later, it was found out that she left because living together was a short-term solution to help him deal with his loss.

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