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Doing All The Things I Used To Do With People Lyrics Meaning


Doing all the things song is written by American Pleasure Club (formerly known as Teen Suicide). And the album is 'waste yrself'.

This song was very famous then. You can feel the emptiness and depression it is talking about.

Artistic illustration of people wearing white airpods walking
Artistic illustration of people wearing white airpods walking

Doing All The Things I Used To Do Lyrics Meaning

Doing All The Things I Used To Do With People lyrics with meaning are given below.

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Stay in bed

Sometimes turning to my right

Until I close my eyes

Perhaps he has come to terms with his own insignificance and sees the use in documenting his life in order to demonstrate how monotonous and depressing it is.

This is not a song about sleep or death

It's about something much smaller and paler than that

I'm not going to show it to my friends

'Cause when I came home

Artistic illustration of a boy sitting next to a street lamp
Artistic illustration of a boy sitting next to a street lamp

In his song, the artist makes a reference to heroin and the impact that the drug has been having on his life.

I'd lost thirty-something pounds

I didn't leave my bed

One of the symptoms of depression is a major change in one's weight, either loss of weight or growth of weight.

Another sign is a lack of motivation, which he characterizes by saying, "I didn't leave my bed," and which may lead to a reduction in body mass.

I threw up in a bathroom in Baltimore

Because Baltimore is a major city, and because a restroom is something that no one will notice in such a large metropolis, it's possible that he is mirroring the feeling that he has of being small in a world as large as this one.

Before dancing with a girl

I'll probably never talk to again

He is acting irresponsibly and without giving much thought to the consequences of his actions once they have been taken.

We won't be friends

He is saying that he and this girl will never have the chance to become friends because they are highly unlikely to ever come into contact with one another again.

And I won't be nice to anyone

Because I don't see why I should

I don't see the point

I don't see the point text written on a city background
I don't see the point text written on a city background

Addicts eventually reach a point where they value their drug use more than their own life.

It is likely that his addiction has completely taken control of his life. Many addicts suffer the loss of loved ones, friends, and relationships because they are preoccupied with their drug use.

He has come to terms with the decline in the quality of his life and is working hard to maintain his relationships.

I won't, I won't get clean

For the rest of my life

I won't be nice

Why bother with niceties like being a good person and staying sober if nothing that you do actually matters?

It would appear that he has given up hope and given up on trying to put the pieces of his life back together by getting clean from drugs and or alcohol and trying his best to be a good person.

This may be the result of a lack of motivation or drive, which may be the result of the substances he is using or the depression that he appears to be experiencing.

teen suicide - "doing all the things i used to do with people, part 2" (Official Audio)


According to Aidan's comment, a youtube user, "I almost feel [guilty] filling my ears with someone else's pain. The lyrics resonate with me and my experience with depression and anxiety. Stay safe everyone."

According to a user named the corals are dying, "I get hearing illusions during my sleep paralysis and the end of this song sounds exactly like what I experience. It starts off as a random sound but then it starts overlapping and continually getting louder and at some points I feel like I'm gonna go deaf even if the sounds arent real."

According to cooler, "I honestly feel guilty for feeling sad while listening to this song. My problems could never compare to the terrible things Sam has been through. I hope he's ok now."

What Happened To Sam Ray?

After suffering an asthma attack, singer Sam Ray, who was born in Baltimore and performs as Ricky Eat Acid and American Pleasure Club (also known as Teen Suicide), is currently being treated in intensive care.

Kitty, Ray's wife as well as his bandmate in the musical duet The Pom Poms, was the one who broke the news via a tweet sent from Ray's official Twitter account.

People Also Ask

Who Is The Producer Of "Doing All The Things I Used To Do"?

Sam Ray is the producer of "Doing All The Things I Used To Do".

What Is The Album Name Of "Doing All The Things I Used To Do"?

"Waste Yrself" is the album name of "Doing All The Things I Used To Do"

Who Wrote Doing All The Things I Used To Do?

American Pleasure Club, formerly known as TeenSuicide, wrote "Doing All The Things I Used To Do".


Have you heard the "Doing All The Things I Used To Do" song? What was your favorite line from the song?

Have you heard the I Did It All song?

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