We could all do with more good news at the moment, and Twitter has gone crazy with the revelation that actual Dolly Parton donated $1 million to fund research into a COVID-19 vaccine.

It was tweeted, people thought it was a joke, scientists fact-checked it and confirmed the news was in fact true.

What a lady. Not only does Dolly make everyone happy with her music, but she also runs a very famous scheme that provides free books to children.

Now she’s helped to find a vaccine for COVID, that’s quite the list of accolades.

She’s also got a festive musical coming to Netflix too. Dolly is really out here single-handedly saving 2020.

Someone has written a Dolly tribute, replacing ‘Jolene’ with ‘Vaccine’.

People are praising Dolly everywhere.

What an angel. Is there anything Dolly can’t do?

Images via Alamy