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This Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant Has The Appearance Of Dolphins Leaping From The Water


This unusual succulent with dolphin-shaped leaves is an excellent indoor plant to start with or to add to your collection. Senecio peregrinus is the scientific name for a rare species of trailing succulents popularly known as string of dolphins. The dolphin-shaped succulent planttrails down the thin stems, and white blooms with a cinnamon-like scent bloom in the spring.

The blossoms also add to the beauty of the plant, and your social media friends will be envious. When hanging out of a pot indoors, the plant thrives and thrives even in low light.

Green Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant
Green Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant

It is believed that if you hurl a stone at a millennial concert, you will almost certainly strike a plant parent. The desire for indoor plants has exploded, thanks in part to social media, where the plants appear great in photos and FOMO drives men to want their own. Succulents are one of the most popular indoor plants, not only because of their amazing and colorful appearance but also because of their low maintenance requirements. Succulents will provide you with the most visual benefits for the least amount of effort. Also, even if you aren't at home all of the time, the succulent plant will survive.

Green colored Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant in a black plastic pot
Green colored Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant in a black plastic pot

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been forced to stay indoors, necessitating the development of indoor hobbies to pass the time. Because it doesn't require much maintenance, this distinctive succulent plant is an excellent entry-level alternative. Without any work, you'll be able to bring the verdant and lush outside right inside your home.

Allow the soil to dry completely before watering the plant again to ensure proper upkeep. Overwatering it, like any other succulent plant, might cause it to dry up. Some individuals like to use a liquid fertilizer at the start of the spring season to encourage more little white blooms to blossom.

How Do You Revive A Dolphin String?

Hold off on watering a withering string of dolphin succulentplants that have been overwatered until the earth dries. If the potting soil is dry and the dolphin leaves are shriveled, irrigate the soil to help it come back to life.

Green Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant
Green Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant

You can even water the plant once a month in the winter! Watering can be done once a week during the summer. This demonstrates that the plant requires very little maintenance and will thrive even if you are always traveling or pressed for time when you get home.

The ideal way to display this dolphin-shaped succulent plant is to hang it and allow the stems and leaves to grow downwards. The stems can grow up to 20 inches in a year, but if you're keeping it as a potted plant, you can clip the stems to keep it manageable. Trimming the stems will have no effect on the plant. This would be ideal if you have a vertical garden.

Green colored Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant terracotta pot
Green colored Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant terracotta pot

Dolphin-shaped succulent plant would be an excellent addition to a vertical garden, especially in a stylish container. It also thrives outside, such as on a back porch, but it's ideal if it's kept out of direct sunshine, preferably in the shade.

You can choose between a 2-inch or 4-inch plant, and you'll get a string of dolphin plants straight from the farm, complete with soil in the planter. This is the ideal plant to get you started as a plant parent because it is healthy, gorgeous, and highly picturesque in late spring. It's time to make your pals envy on social media, and the plant will never die on you.

Green Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant mini terracotta pot
Green Dolphin-Shaped Succulent Plant mini terracotta pot


The cascading dolphin-shaped succulent plant will add a great appearance to any place. This plant will thrive in any environment, whether you live in a studio apartment, flats, or any other type of housing.

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