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Dominos Pizza Confirmed That Vegan Pizzas Are Coming In 2020


Dominos pizza confirmed that vegan pizzas are coming in 2020. At participating stores across the U.K. and Ireland, Domino's tested out two new vegan pizzas.

The Vegan Veggie Supreme and Vegan Margherita are available online or through a delivery app at 46 locations. Domino's vegan plant-based cheese and tomato sauce make up the Margherita pizza.

Vegi Supreme consists of mushrooms, sweet corn, onions, green peppers, red peppers, and tomatoes. Customers can, of course, order their pizza anyway they like, using any vegan ingredients that are offered.

The medium-sized pizzas will be provided with a side of Domino's BBQ dip (vegan). They have the same pricing as their non-vegan counterparts. It took a long time, according to Domino's, to develop a vegan plant-based dough that met their criteria.

An earlier recipe and a vegan pizza test run were abandoned since they didn't meet the standards of the business. The recipe they are currently employing was sorted out after another year of experimentation.

Their vegan option had taken some time to develop because they're committed to giving it the authentic Domino's flavor. They may not always come in first, but they never settle for second best.

Dominos Vegan Margherita Pizza Review

Dominos pizza confirmed that vegan pizzas are coming in 2020. The following places provided the vegan pizzas for testing first:

  • Fleet
  • Central Farnborough
  • Aintree - Liverpool
  • Formby
  • Ormskirk
  • Haslemere
  • Bordon
  • Cheshunt
  • Fernhill - Farnborough
  • Aldershot
  • Hindhead
  • Disney Abbey
  • Trade Weighton
  • Frimley
  • the street Chester
  • Scarborough
  • Shields, South
  • North of Sunderland
  • Washington
  • Houghton-le-Spring
  • South Sunderland
  • Filton, Bristol
  • Kesgrave - Ipswich
  • The Finchley Road in London, etc.

Vegan Cheese Pizza By Dominos

The pizza chain had stated that starting in early 2020, it will start selling vegan bases and cheese in the UK and three other nations.

The vegan domino effect has finally hit Domino's, which has joined Papa John's, Pizza Hut, PizzaExpress, Zizzi, and other chains that provide delectable vegan options.

PETA's corporate outreach team and others had been urging the company to offer vegan pizza for years, and this had finally happened. It's a domino effect of vegan pizza!

By not eating dairy, people lessen the terrible pain cows go through on factory farms and help stop the damage that animal agriculture does to the environment.

Domino's Vegan Pizza Price

Domino's vegan pizza price is almost $12.95 or higher.

Dominos Vegan Pizza Review

According to a reviewer,

The base is good and tasty - it's not the same as the 'normal' Domino's base, but I can't quite put my finger on what's different. It's a good vegan alternative, though.

Otherwise, the tomato sauce is good and the veggies on top are just what you'll remember. The important thing here, though, is the cheese!

People Also Ask

Is There A Vegan Pizza At Dominos?

Yes. Domino's does not provide any vegan pizzas by default in the US. However, you may make your own vegan pizza, from the dough to the toppings; there isn't any dairy-free cheese available.

What Vegan Meat Does Domino's Use?

The vegan beef topping, which is made from soy, is also richer in protein and lower in saturated fat than the beef made from animal meat.

What Crust At Dominos Is Vegan?

The thin crust dough at Domino's is the only vegan crust available. The rest all have whey or honey in them.


Dominos pizza confirmed that vegan pizzas are coming in 2020. By incorporating vegan options into its menu, Domino's has helped fulfill the rising demand for vegan food by making it that much simpler to lead an animal-friendly lifestyle.

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