Domino’s Pizza Confirms That Vegan Pizzas Are Coming In 2020

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Published 29.11.19

Domino’s Pizza has confirmed that they will be adding vegan pizzas to their menu in 2020

Pizza is for everyone.

I think now we know Domino’s (the kings of meaty pizzas) has bowed down to veganism, we can safely assume that this food “fad” is not going anywhere anytime soon, as some previously predicted. In fact, I have a feeling the future is green. And hey, if it’s green, better for the planet and still tastes like a Domino’s f*cking pizza, then what’s to moan about?

Aside from my waistline.


domino's pizza

Pizza giant Domino’s Pizza has confirmed that they will be releasing a meat and dairy free pizza at some point in 2020, to accommodate vegan pizza lovers. The news comes shortly after Domino’s trialled a vegan pizza called the ‘Vegan Supreme’ in selected stores, which was clearly successful, ’cause the as yet unnamed vegan pizza is set to have a permanent spot on the menu next year.


Domino’s confirmed the news in an interview with Tyla:

“We have been working hard to perfect a vegan recipe with the unmistakable taste of Domino’s fresh dough and cheesy goodness.” 

The pizza giant added that they are not yet ready to confirm a debut date, as they are still working on the perfect recipe for customers:

“We’re not quite there yet, but vegan pizza lovers shouldn’t have to wait much longer.”


vegan pizza

Vegan food is nutritional witchcraft

Vegan food actually blows my mind a bit.


I’m not vegan, but like many, I’m trying my best to be a little bit more conscientious about how much meat I’m consuming.

To be honest, if the Government suddenly decided that the whole nation had to go vegan for the sake of the planet, I wouldn’t care. Why? Because we now have things like ‘not-zzerella’ sticks and chicken nuggets that aren’t actually chicken nuggets. The other day, I actually ate some smoked salmon that my vegan friend told me was made entirely from carrot. CARROT. I had no f*cking idea.

Honestly, the vegan food industry is blowing my mind right now. Here’s something other vegan treats you can indulge in while you wait for Domino’s to change your life.


Galaxy vegan chocolate bar range

vegan chocolate galaxy

There are three flavours available and they are smooth orange, caramel and sea salt, and caramelised hazelnut; all of which have been approved by the Vegan Society, whoever they are. Presumably some kind of society of vegans. Anyway, you can read more here.


Greggs’ vegan sausage rolls

vegan sausage roll

Possibly the only story to get more coverage than Brexit this year was Greggs’ announcement that they would be releasing a vegan sausage roll. After about three months I found a Greggs that actually hadn’t sold out by 8am and I can now confirm that they are pretty special. Just make sure it is a vegan sausage roll before you take a bite out of it, yeah?


KFC’s ‘The Imposter’

the imposter kfc

Then of course there was the release of KFC’s vegan chicken sandwich, ‘The Imposter’. I’m pretty sure this one was just witchcraft, ’cause it tasted exactly like chicken. I don’t even think the Colonel himself would know the difference with this one.


Domino’s, if you hons could fix up a vegan version of your Texas BBQ pizza (stuffed crust, obvs) in your little pizza lab, I’d love you forever. 

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