A recent interview with Donald Trump concerning the numbers of deaths in the US due to the COVID-19 global health crisis has made headlines, as the President of the United States clutched at straws to save face, but failed miserably.

It’s no secret that the containment of COVID-19 in the US has gone pretty badly, with a startling amount of cases and deaths as a result of the pandemic increasing daily, so it seems bizarre that Trump would try to claim that his country is “lower than the world” in that regard.

Sitting down with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan to talk statistics, Donald Trump point-blank refused to take the numbers thrown at him as gospel, and then ignored them completely as he spoke about a different number entirely.

Donald Trump axios interview

Presented with the dreadful numbers of people dying from the virus in the US, Trump then started to shuffle through print-outs of stats and graphs, trying to prove Swan wrong, albeit to no avail. He told Swan that the US was “lowest in numerous categories,” but was reminded that they were talking in regard to population, in which the US are responding horribly.


Swan explained:

That’s where the US is really bad. Much worse than South Korea, Germany, etc“.

To which Trump responded:

You can’t do that“.

That’s simply met with a “Why can’t I do that?” but then pointing to one of his charts, Trump said:

You have to go by where – look, here is the United States. You have to go by the cases“.


Swan then responded “Why not as a proportion of the population?


Trump was then told that it surely makes sense to compare the number of deaths in regard to a country’s population, stating that South Korea, which has a population of 51 million, only has 301 coronavirus deaths.

Trump then responded by claiming that South Korea are probably faking their statistics, before backing down and saying he has good relations with that particular county.

The interview honestly plays out like a poorly-written SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin and Bill Hader, but sadly it’s entirely real.

In charge of a whole country, that guy…