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Dove Slams Oscar-Winning Film The Whale For Fat Suit Use Instead Of Obese Actor


Dove slams Oscar-Winning film The Whale for fat suit use instead of obese actor. Dove, a leading skincare brand, has called out Hollywood's use of fat suits in films. The brand recently endorsed a tweet that criticized the Academy Award-winning makeup team for the film "The Whale," which used a fat suit instead of casting an obese actor.

Dove Takes Stand Against Hollywood's Use of Fat Suits in Film

The tweet, which was posted by a "fat" social media user, read, "So disappointing that 'The Whale' won the Oscar for the best hair and makeup. Fat suits are harmful - they are not your opportunity to win awards. Our identity is not your costume. Cast fat actors to play fat characters."

Brendan Fraser holding an Oscar beside his The Whale character and Dove's Tweet
Brendan Fraser holding an Oscar beside his The Whale character and Dove's Tweet

Dove responded to the tweet with a statement of its own: "Stop giving fat suits awards. We want better representation in Hollywood." The brand's statement highlights the importance of casting actors who accurately represent the characters they are playing, particularly when it comes to issues related to body image.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/dove-slams-oscar-winning-film-the-whale-for-fat-suit-use-instead-of-obese-actor/ by Morgan Maverick on 2023-03-16T02:59:44.532Z

The use of fat suits in films has long been a controversial topic, with many people arguing that it perpetuates harmful stereotypes and fails to accurately represent the experiences of those living with obesity. Some have also pointed out that casting thin actors in fat suits is a missed opportunity to provide more work for fat actors, who are often underrepresented in Hollywood.

Dove Soap ATTACKS Brendan Fraser's Oscar Win OVER A FAT SUIT

The issue has been a topic of discussion on social media for some time, with many users expressing their disappointment that "The Whale" won an Oscar for its makeup. One Twitter user wrote, "The Oscar for best makeup going to the construction of a fat suit on 'The Whale' is blatantly disrespectful. And to blast this specific image of a fake fat body on display behind the award is inconceivable."

Another user commented, "I don't appreciate that the makeup team who created a fat suit just won an Oscar, and that is because we need to have better stories with fat actors and not thinner actors in fat suits."

Despite the backlash, lead actor Brendan Fraser defended the use of the fat suit in an interview with Adam Sandler for Variety. He explained that he gained weight to play the role but still needed the suit to achieve the desired effect. "It's important to say this, because there are those who live with this disease," Fraser said. "I felt empowered to be their voice and to be as honest as I could and as authentic as I could in the portrayal. Look, my weight has been all over the map."

Brendan Fraser & Adam Sandler | Actors on Actors

While some may argue that the use of fat suits can be a useful tool in helping actors transform into their characters, Dove's statement highlights the importance of representation and accuracy in film. By encouraging Hollywood to cast actors who accurately represent the characters they are playing, Dove is taking a stand against harmful stereotypes and promoting body positivity.


In conclusion, the use of fat suits in Hollywood films has long been a controversial topic, and Dove's recent statement serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate representation in the entertainment industry. While the debate continues, it is clear that brands like Dove are committed to promoting positive body image and challenging harmful stereotypes in the media.

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