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Sanxiantai Arch Bridge - A Dragon-Inspired Bridge In Taiwan


The government finished building the Sanxiantai eight cross-sea arch bridge that connects to the island in 1987. It links Sanxiantai and Taiwan Island and was built in the form of waves. It is a dragon inspired bridgein a supine position. It has grown to be the East Coast's most recognizable landmark of Sanxiantai.

Let's have a look at Sanxiantai first.

Sanxiantai - Famous Taitung Tourist Spot

Taitung County's Sanxiantai is situated in Chenggong Township's northern section. It is made up of coral reefs and offshore islands. There are strangely shaped rocks all around the islands, including three enormous ones that gave rise to three Chinese saints' legends: Lyu-Dongbin, Li-Tieguai, and He-Xiangu. They used to embark on the island, therefore the name (Three Saints Island).

Geological rock Sanxiantai has evolved into a headland. As a result of the main island's neck being gradually severed by erosion, offshore islands were created. When tourists used to travel here, they could only access the island during low tide.

The highest point in the entire Sanxiantai area is around 77 meters above sea level, covering about 22 hectares. The island has a trail that circles it; if you take your time, it will take you about two hours.

Due to the intense weathering and erosion that created the legendary tales about the island's natural landscape, such as Xian-Jian Gap He-Huan Holes and Sanxiantai, coral reefs surround the island.

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge | The Footbridge of Three Immortals

However, there are also some other natural wonders nearby, including scattered sea trenches, sea caves, sea columns, and sea walls to surprise visitors to the island.

Due to the absence of human influence, screw pine trees are abundant on Sanxiantai, making the island an extremely ecologically rich place. The research on coastal flora such as the Taiwanese date palm, white dogwood, and bay bean takes place there as well.

Taiwan classifies Sanxiantai as a wildlife reserve. It is believed to be Taiwan's most attractive location for underwater exploration from the southern point to Jihui because of the gorgeous coral reefs and tropical fish there.

You should cross the eight-arch bridge to go to Sanxiantai Island if you're an active traveler. There is a lot of geologic scenery created by coral. You may see the plant by the trail along the route; it is a salt-resistant plant with thick, leafy leaves and a very dry surface.

If you choose an adventurous travel style, you can ascend the island's peak through the trail and take in the most magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. Even though it could be hot and exhausting, the beach breeze will help you to remember that "hard work pays off."

People Also Ask

Where Can You Find This Dragon-inspired Bridge?

You can find the Sanxiantai eight-arch dragon-inspired bridge in Taitung, Taiwan.

How Long Is Sanxiantai Arch Bridge?

Sanxiantai Arch Bridge is 400 meters long.

What Kind Of Place Is Sanxiantai Taiwan?

On the shore of Chenggong Township in Taitung County, there is a place called Sanxiantai that has a beach, a number of islands, sea caves, and coral reefs.


In the past, Taiwan's Sanxiantai region was a lengthy cape. Most of the cape washed away due to erosion over time, resulting in a separate island that was later joined to the mainland by a very unusual arched bridge that is actually a famous and magnificent dragon inspired bridge. There are eight arches, which is not a coincidence.

According to local lore, the island was once visited by three of China's "Eight Immortals," giving it the nickname "Terrace of the Three Immortals." The bridge is now a well-liked photo location for tourists, and it makes a great starting point for anyone wanting to explore the island's abundant, vibrant water life and caverns.

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