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Dress Worn By Mistress Who Was Having Affair With Top Exec Sells Out Online


A top executive of a Chinese oil company was discovered having an affair with his mistress. In the video that went viral on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, the executive was seen publicly holding her hand. The dress worn by mistress who was having affair with top Exec sells out online.

People on the Internet, however, focused on the mistress, with thousands purchasing the identical dress she wore in the videoand some Weibo users dubbing it the 'mistress' and 'dismissal' dress.

According to a statement from the state-owned company Huanqiu Contracting and Engineering Corporation, the business executive Hu Jiyong has been dismissed and is being investigated by its disciplinary committee.

It was disclosed that his mistress, Hong, worked for the same company. The original video, which was created by a local street photographer, has since been removed.

In the video, the couple was seen donning matching pink outfits in Chengdu, with Hu wearing a pink polo shirt and Dong carrying a Dior handbag.

Now, the dress worn by mistress who was having affair with top Exec sells out online. More than 12 million people viewed the "mistress dress" on Taobao, propelling it to the top of the site's most popular listings. According to reports, 4,000 units were sold.

Pink dress worn by mistress is selling online
Pink dress worn by mistress is selling online

People made the following remarks on Weibo:

  • Probably every dress has been donned by a mistress at some point. The attire is pure!
  • Wearing the same attire as the woman in the video should not embarrass you. I don't observe any males being embarrassed by their pink polo shirts.
  • As a result of the elegant attire of the matriarch, everyone followed suit. The garment was out of stock. It is extremely absurd and ironic.
  • Why would someone want to wear in mistress fashion? This obsession is indicative of a moral decline in our society.


The dress worn by mistress who was having affair with top Exec sells out online on Taobao. After a Chinese business executive was captured on camera holding hands with his concubine in public, thousands of Chinese social media users began purchasing the same pink silk dress.

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