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Driver Attempted To Swap Seats With Dog To Avoid DUI Arrest


In a bizarre turn of events in Springfield, Colorado, a man was apprehended by police for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. However, what made this incident particularly unusual was how the driver attempted to swap seats with dog to avoid DUI arrest.

Driver Attempted To Swap Seats With Dog To Avoid DUI Arrest In Colorado

According to the Springfield Police Department, the peculiar incident unfolded on May 13. Initially, the police pulled over the speeding vehicle, and as the officer approached, the driver frantically attempted to swap positions with his dog, claiming that he was not behind the wheel. Unfortunately for him, the officer had witnessed the entire exchange.

Upon closer inspection, the police observed unmistakable signs of intoxication in the driver's behavior. When questioned about his alcohol consumption, the individual tried to evade further scrutiny by fleeing from the officer. However, his escape plan was short-lived, as he was swiftly apprehended just a short distance from the vehicle.

The driver attempted to switch places with his dog who was in the passenger seat. The male party then exited the passenger side of the vehicle and claimed he was not driving. The male party showed clear signs of intoxication and when asked about his alcohol consumption the male party ran from the Officer- Springfield Police

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/driver-attempted-to-swap-seats-with-dog-to-avoid-dui-arrest/ by Raven Noir on 2023-05-18T04:36:48.511Z

Driver tried to switch places with his dog on DUI stop in Colorado town, police say

Investigations revealed that the man had been traveling from Las Animas to Pueblo but had become lost in Springfield. To compound matters, it was discovered that he had two active warrants for his arrest from Pueblo.

Following a medical evaluation at the hospital, the individual was subsequently booked into the Baca County Jail to face his outstanding warrants. Additionally, he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, driving while ability impaired, driving under suspension, speeding 20-24 miles over the limit, and resisting arrest.

Amidst the unfolding drama, concerns arose about the fate of the dog involved in the incident. Thankfully, the police clarified that the animal was unharmed and entrusted to an acquaintance of the driver, who would care for it while its owner remained in custody. The dog faced no charges and received only a warning, allowing it to continue its canine adventures without legal repercussions.

Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and incidents like these serve as reminders of the dangers it poses to both individuals and society at large. The Springfield Police Department stressed the importance of personal accountability, urging people to refrain from engaging in such behavior and to accept the consequences of their actions instead of resorting to desperate and misguided tactics.


As the investigation continues, it is crucial to remember that all parties involved are innocent until proven guilty. Nevertheless, this unusual case serves as a striking reminder that attempts to shift blame onto innocent pets are not only ineffective but can also lead to further legal complications.

The lessons to be learned are clear: never drink and drive, and always take responsibility for one's actions.

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