Driver Crashes After Car Is So Messy They Can’t Reach The Handbrake

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Published 28.06.19

A driver has had a car accident after their handbrake was hidden beneath mounds of rubbish.

I’m not happy with the state of my car. The exterior is pretty filthy, but I have neither the time to wash it myself, nor the willingness to pay someone else a silly amount of money to do it.

The inside is better. The carpets could do with a hoover and I should empty the door pockets of tissues and wrappers and the like, but it’s mostly fine.

messy car handbreak

What I’m getting at is that every necessary implement to drive such a vehicle is completely within reach to me and employing the use of any of them is not inhibited by, say, the remains of a meal deal and I don’t know, seven years worth of rubbish.

Not like this bloody car!

car so messy handbreak

Very smooth transition from me there. Seamless.

Dubbed ‘the messiest car ever’, the messiest car ever was involved in an accident after the handbrake was submerged within a pile of… shit.

Hampshire police revealed that the driver parked their car, but was unable to reach the handbrake in time to stop it from rolling back down into a successfully parked car.

When the police were called to investigate, they found the usual suspects of bags, food wrappers, newspapers and the like, but their investigation uncovered some fairly odd stuff, such as plant life, electronic items – such as a fan – a stool and a bucket.

Normal, run of the mill kind of things to keep in your motor. Nothing to see here.

handbreak messy car

Tweeting the find, Hampshire Police managed to have a dig at Boris Johnson, saying:

Boris Johnson’s car is a dream compared to this one!

Driver couldn’t get the hand brake on and rolled back into a parked vehicle. I wonder why?

If you’re wondering, they’re referring to Boris Johnson’s pretty filthy car (which was obvious, really), which looks like this…


Yeah so a couple of messy cars there. Not only are they aesthetically unpleasing, they’re dangerous.

Images via Hampshire Police, Getty