A man in Kazakhstan was filmed jumping over a fence so he could ride a giraffe in a zoo.

Tempting, isn’t it, do ride big ol’ animals for a laugh.

Objectively there are a lot of animals equal to or bigger and stronger than horses, so it’s sort of weird that venturing onto the backs of beasts sort of plateaued with the humble stallion.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for not being cruel to animals, but back in the day when people didn’t care and they’d kill about eight horses just for a good take in a cowboy film, you’d have thought that someone would buy a rhino or a giraffe or something to ride around town, probably whilst wearing a top hat.

Again, I’m glad that hasn’t happened – so far as I know – and I guess this video is proof of why it shouldn’t.

While minding its own business in the Shymkent Zoo in Kazakhstan, a giraffe found itself the vehicle for a drunk man who took it upon himself to climb on its back and go for a little ride.


I’ve done some stupid things when drunk – I recently broke my arm climbing a lamppost and since getting the cast off, have badly grazed my elbow and now I’m pretty sure it’s infected – but I’ve never ridden a giraffe.

Granted, I’ve never been near a giraffe when drunk, but I trust myself to not try that even if I was.

man rides giraffe



To be fair, the giraffe seems fairly fond of the man riding him at first. Pretty unmoved about the whole scenario.

Something changes the animal’s mind though, with it then doing its best Buckaroo impression and throwing the man off as best as it can.

This somehow doesn’t dissuade the man though, who climbs the fence and then hops on the giraffes back again. He’s thrown off once more – this time in a fall that looks a lot more painful – and from there decides to call it quits.


He vaults the fence back to his fellow humans, all of whom seem pretty shocked about what’s unfolded and then the video ends. Thus far the man has remained unnamed, but authorities are looking to find and arrest him.

Shymkent Zoo is well known for its conservation efforts, being one of Kazakstan’s most popular tourist destinations, housing many endangered animals as well as a whole herd of giraffes.

Let’s hope that particular giraffe was the last to be ridden.

Images via YouTube