Dwayne Johnson has left his honeymoon early to support his friend and colleague Kevin Hart.

One of my all-time favourite movie duo’s and bromances of the 21st Century, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

There’s nothing quite like them. (Here comes the movie fanatics who have something negative to say because apparently people can’t have their own opinions and like actors and actresses of this day and age. God forbid one should find Kevin Hart to be a great comedian.)


As it’s known, Kevin Hart was in a major car accident with close personal friends. Due to the unfortunate circumstance, his close friend Dwayne Johnson has cut his honeymoon with wife Lauren Hashian short in order to support his friend through the tragic time.


He appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show where he revealed he had to cut his honeymoon short in order to come back and take care of Kevin. Kevin was supposed to be Kelly’s first guest on the show but due to his tragic accident he was not able to turn up. Instead, Dwayne turned up in his place. The ultimate love story. I mean for Kevin and Dwayne, not his wife.

Dwayne took to twitter saying:

When my son @KevinHart4real goes down with an injury, his big daddy steps in. I did leave my honeymoon early (Lauren approved cos she LOVES Kelly) and now me and Kelly are new best friends. Tune in this Monday! We had the best time!


It’s just good to know that Dwayne’s wife is fine with the whole situation. I think the last thing you’d want is a pissed off wife who just wanted a holiday in Hawaii. Although top marks to Dwayne for doing what he did, what an absolute legend.


You can read about Kevin’s accident here in one of our previous articles from one of our lovely writers

Kevin’s wife has since spoken out about the incident in a video from TMZ stating that Kevin is “going to be just fine” and that he is awake and well. He may not be laughing and joking yet but I’m sure he’ll be writing a new comedy sketch about the incident very soon.

Until then, let’s leave Kevin in the hands of ‘big daddy’ and his family and maybe stop chasing them round the streets when they’re in distress, because the one thing they really need right now is cameras shoved in their face.

Thoughts to Kevin and his loved ones on a safe recovery.

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