Eagle-Eyed ‘Friends’ Fan Just Noticed Phoebe Do Something Very Odd (More So Than Usual)

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Published 15.04.19
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Now it’s never big news that Phoebe does weird stuff.

That’s like her thing. Phoebe’s famously odd and that’s why we all love her.

But if there’s one thing we known about Phoebe, it’s that she categorically does not have superpowers. How do we know that? Just listen to the way she says Spider-Man.

“Spiderman”, like clergyman or something. If you had superpowers, you’d probably try to be well-versed in your peers.

But maybe that wasn’t always so, since one eagle-eyed fan has noticed Phoebe move with superhuman in the pilot episode.

As Phoebe tells Rachel that she just pulled out four eyelashes, she’s seen clearly in the kitchen. But as Paul the wine guy turns to react to Buffay, you can see her in the background sipping her tea on the sofa.

That’s some Flash-level movement there from the singer-songwriter and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

Reddit user swingofsultanas posted the clip to the social media site with the caption:

Paul the wine guy gives Phoebe a weird look after saying something, but somehow, Phoebe manages to move to the sofa faster than light.”

It’s impossible not to notice but one user has a pretty reasonable explanation:

To ruin the magic and fun, here’s an explanation… I think this is one of those instances where the re-scanning of the original negatives (as part of the HD restoration process) has revealed something that was never meant to be in frame.

All the original episodes had the sides cropped out for 4:3 television broadcast, the remastered edition occasionally shows bits in the frame you’re not meant to see. It’s not too noticeable in Friends, except for situations like this.

Either that or it was Ursula.

Images via NBC

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