Even if you aren’t a lifelong ‘Ender, you’re probably aware it’s had a pretty lengthy run on BBC One.

In fact, we were first introduced to the world of Walford and its colourful cockney characters way back in ’85 and over the show’s impressive 35-year stint we’ve witnessed some of TV’s best moments.

Now, after a brief coronavirus hiatus, Britain’s much-loved soap is back on our screens with, well, what is said to be “SERIES 2” – leaving many fans, understandably, baffled.


Returning to our screens tonight at 8.05pm, BBC confirmed they had been working hard to incorporate the ongoing pandemic into their upcoming plot-lines including small references to social distancing and shielding.

It looks set to be a harrowing watch and many fans can’t wait to fill that 8’o clock void once more but can we just take a second to get to grips with the fact that we are only just moving into series two after a staggering 5,180 episodes?!

Naturally, it has left many Twitter users dumbfounded.

Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t bother with a quick recap if you happen to have forgotten the general premise of series one.

Images via BBC