‘Elf’ Voted Greatest Christmas Film Of The 21st Century

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Published 02.12.19

Will Ferrell’s Elf takes the crown of the greatest Christmas film of the 21st Century.

I might try and play it cool and pretend like I don’t enjoy Christmas films but that simply isn’t the case. I love them.

The Santa Clause, The Grinch, the actual best Christmas film of all time, The Muppet Christmas Carol – they’re all brilliantly feel-good flicks that do a sterling job of allowing me to forget that I’m usually alone and miserable at Christmas and have nobody to buy anything for – at least they do for an hour or two.

Moving on… a debate that seems to rear its head every festive period isn’t just whether corporate greed has essentially ripped the soul out of Christmas to make it all about consumerism (sorry), but which modern Christmas film is the greatest.

Well, there is a definitive answer.

No, it’s not Die Hard.

It’s Elf.

Elf has officially been voted the greatest Xmas film of the 21st Century.

Yep, several polls and other bits of conclusive research have all pointed to Will Ferrell’s tale is the best festive film of this century.

In a study conducted in 2017, Fandango polled over 1,000 film fans to determine their favourite Christmas film of the 21st Century, and the winner was… Elf. Obviously.

In a statement, Erik Davis, Fandango’s Managing Editor said: 

“Elf is the most beloved holiday movie in my household because it’s a film that makes you feel warm, happy and silly, and everyone needs some of that come the holidays. That, plus Will Ferrell’s elf antics will never get old!”

But wait a second, there’s more.

More recently, Yahoo contributor Tom Beasley also named Elf the best Christmas film of the 21st Century

And the people who vote at Ranker also seem to think it’s the best Christmas film,  bestowing the holiday classic with the title of ‘The Best PG Christmas Movie’ – which is basically all Christmas movies anyway (well, apart from Bad Santa).

Ranker’s Top 10 Christmas Films:

1. Elf
2. The Santa Clause
3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

4. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas
5. A Christmas Story
6. Jingle All the Way
7. A Christmas Carol
8. Home Alone
9. Deck the Halls
10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 

There we have it, it’s official.

Am I happy with the result? Yeah, I guess so.

But if we’re talking the greatest Christmas film of ALL TIME, it’s got to be The Muppet Christmas Carol.

It’s got fr*ckin Waldorf and Statler as Jacob and Robert Marley for crying out loud. Utter genius.

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