Emilia Clarke Stars In ‘Last Christmas’ And It Looks Like The Best Festive Film Since ‘Love Actually’

Maxwell JonesMaxwell Jones in Entertainment, Film
Published 14.08.19
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It’s August. Which means it’s officially Christmas.

I know this because two Christmassy things happened to me this morning: the first was that I woke up to the sound of my sister blaring Mariah Carey’s ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ downstairs.

The second was that I checked my Twitter to find that Emilia Clarke’s new Christmas movie has released a trailer. I felt like I’d done what I’ve always wanted to achieve, which was learn how to hibernate for months at a time like animals. Almost. So close.

Anyway, the trailer for Last Christmas has finally dropped. It’s nice to see Emilia Clarke embark on something a bit more upbeat and cheerful since the harrowing experience of Game of Thrones Season 8 and she sure does rock an elf costume.

Check it out:

Set in London, it looks to be the successor to Love Actually that no one really wanted, because Love Actually has become a Christmas tradition in itself and has garnered a cult following in the sixteen years since its initial release. But there really is so many times you can watch it before accepting defeat and begging for a new adult-friendly film that isn’t as grating as The Holiday or as bonkers as Die Hard, so this is probably going to be quite a welcome alternative.

Like Love Actually, the film is set in modern London at Christmastime. But unlike Love Actually, whose story focused on the unlikely connections between twenty-odd characters in a city of eight million people, the film has a predominantly musical element to it.

As the title suggests, Last Christmas will serve as something of a homage to the late great George Michael, who tragically passed away on Christmas Day 2016. Unreleased music that George had been working on before his untimely death will feature in the film for the first time, which will no doubt be an emotional experience for fans around the world.

Director Paul Feig, who directed Spy and the Ghostbusters remake, said of the project:

George Michael was putting together his new album when he passed. And one of our tracks is one of those songs, and it’s just an absolutely amazing song that I’m so excited the world is going to get to hear now.”

Having convinced us all of her malleable acting ability and comic timing in other films like Me Before You, the film will see Clarke lower the fierce visor of Daenerys Targaryen to play Kate, an aspiring singer-songwriter who idolises George Michael. Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh, who appeared together in Crazy Rich Asians, will also star in unspecified roles. Emma Thompson is also in it, so if you are someone who thinks Love Actually is the defining Christmas film and a member of Extinction Rebellion, it’s a win-win situation.

Last Christmas will air on November 8th – the most Christmassy month of the year…


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