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Erdogan Loss In Turkey's Election Would Stir Relief In The West And Anxiety In Moscow


Erdogan loss in Turkey's election would stir relief in the West and anxiety in Moscow. It is emphasizing the potential implications for regional dynamics and globalpolitics.

The Yahoo Newsarticle highlights the reactions that an Erdogan defeat would likely evoke in Western countries. It suggests that many Western leaders, who have had strained relations with Erdogan's government, would feel a sense of relief.

The article mentions the concerns raised by Western leaders regarding Turkey's human rights record, democratic backsliding, and Erdogan's autocratic tendencies. The potential defeat of Erdogan is seen as an opportunity for a reset in Turkish-Western relations, potentially paving the way for improved cooperation and addressing shared challenges.

The New York Times articledelves into the potential repercussions of an Erdogan loss, focusing specifically on the implications for Moscow. It suggests that the Kremlin would likely view Erdogan's defeat with anxiety, as his administration had developed closer ties with Russiain recent years.

The article points out that Erdogan's government has pursued collaborations with Moscow on various fronts, including energy projects, military procurement, and regional alliances. His loss could disrupt these ties and potentially create uncertainties in Russian-Turkish relations.

The article further explores the dynamics between Russia and Turkey, noting their differing positions on various issues such as the conflicts in Syria and Libya. Erdogan's departure could lead to a shift in Turkey's foreign policy, potentially impacting Moscow's influence in the region.

The article suggests that the Kremlin might need to recalibrate its strategies and engage with a new Turkish leadership, which could lead to some level of unease.

Erdogan loss in Turkey's election would stir relief in the West and anxiety in Moscow and it could signal a potential realignment in Turkey's foreign policy priorities and lead to shifts in its relationships with Western countries and Russia.

While Western leaders might view it as an opportunity for improved relations, the Kremlin could experience concerns about the potential disruption of its partnerships and influence in the region.

From a broader global politics perspective, an Erdogan loss would be seen as a significant development. Turkey, as a member of NATO and a key regional power, holds strategic importance.

The outcome of its elections could influence the balance of power in the region and have implications for international security, counterterrorism efforts, and regional stability.


Erdogan loss in Turkey's election would stir relief in the West and anxiety in Moscow. Relief would be felt in the West, where strained relations with Erdogan's government have been a concern, while Moscow might experience anxiety due to potential disruptions in its collaborations with Turkey. The outcome of Turkey's elections holds significance for regional dynamics and the broader geopolitical landscape.

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