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Eric From ‘Sex Education’ Is Encouraging People To Wash Their Hands In A New Hygiene Movement - Pandemic New Meme


Eric From ‘Sex Education’ Is Encouraging People To Wash Their Hands In A New Hygiene Movementis now going viral during the quarantine period. Because of the forced lockdown in different parts of the world, the medical organization urges people to wash their hands every 20 seconds and apply hand sanitizer generously after. So, what's the link between Eric from Netflix's "Sex Education" and the new hygiene movement? Continue reading to learn more about this hot topic on the internet!

Eric Catchphrase In The Netflix Movie Sex Education

Wash Your Hands You Dirty Pig | Sex Education Scene

You can relate to this trending topic online if you watch SexEducation on Netflix. In fact, Netflix is a streaming service that provides a lot of different TV shows, movies, anime, and documentaries. In this case, you'll recall the scene from the first episodeof season two of Sex Education in which Otis and Eric are having a suspicious conversation in the school bathrooms before realizing that someone is listening in on their conversation.

Otis and Eric talk about masturbating in the boys' in the first episode of the second season. A student comes out of a bathroom stall and says:

"I didn't want to come out because what you were talking about was very weirdand embarrassing, and I thought it would be awkward."

Rather than allowing the situation to become even more embarrassing, Eric chooses to focus the emphasis on his classmate, saying:

"You should wash your hands! You dirty pig!"

As a result, Eric from the 'Sex Education' movie has started a good hygiene movement for all people from this one-liner. It's become so iconic that it's turned into a meme that reminds people to wash their hands after using the restroom. In summary, this is a meme that we can all agree on.

Wash Your Hands, You Detty Pig NHS

United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) is an umbrella name for the UK's publicly funded healthcare systems. If you have severe or life-threatening injuries or health issues, you may need to be transferred to the hospital by ambulance. When you wash your hands, you can protect yourself and others from illnesses like food poisoning and the flu.

Like the movie inspires us to do handwashing, the NHS published a relevant article about hygiene movement during the pandemic that is shown below:

  • Water your hands.
  • Then, wash your hands with enough soap to cover them.
  • You should rub your hands together.
  • Use one hand to rub the back of the other hand and clean between the fingers with the other.
  • Try it with your other hand.
  • Rinse the space between each finger with soap and water.
  • The back of your fingers should be rubbed against your palms as you do this.
  • You can rub your thumb with your other hand. It's the same for the other thumb. The tips of your fingers should be rubbed on the palm of your other hand.
  • It's the same on the other hand and rinse your hands with water to clean them.
  • Dry your hands with a disposable towel until they are clean.
  • Use the disposable towel to turn off the water in the bathroom.

When should you wash your hands?

Before and after handling raw foods like meat and vegetables, blowing your nose, sneezing, or coughing, before and after treating a cut or wound, after touching animals, including pets, their food, and after cleaning their cages, you should wash your hands with soap and water.

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Who Plays Erik In Sex Education

In the Netflix series Sex Education, the character Eric Effiong (played by actor Ncuti Gatwa) is an openly gay British kid. Eric flies to his mother's country of Nigeria for a family wedding in a subplot from the next season, where sex between men and women is illegal. Ncuti was born on October 15, 1992, making him 28 years old.

Is Sex Education On Netflix Appropriate

This is not a show for children or teenagers; rather, it is a show about sex for adult. There is nudity in the opening thirty seconds of the first episode, to be exact. In this case, the parents should know about the movie's background. For example, the movie has sexual content which is extremely frank. In fact, viewers may view male and female nudity, including genital close-ups. Sex is shown in a way that is very realistic. There is a lot of movement and noise. People talk about orgasms, sexual positions, fluids, body parts, and so on.

Is Sex Education On Netflix Canceled

Many people say this movie was cancelled because of how inappropriate the content was for kids and teens to watch. Sex Education hasn't been canceled by Netflix, which is good news. Because it's one of Netflix's most popular original shows, we didn't think this teen show would be canceled. At the time of this writing, the teen show is still at the top.


Eric From ‘Sex Education’ Is Encouraging People To Wash Their Hands In A New Hygiene Movement headline in Pandemic New Meme reminds us how we practice safety protocol to preserve our life against deadly coronavirus. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to harm individuals throughout the world we should continue to take the necessary safeguards for your health. The coronavirus is expected to be around for a long time, according to experts. Like Eric in the famous movie, "Wash Your Hands, You Detty Pig!"

Finally, sex education films are not suitable for teenagers and children to view, so parents should keep an eye on their children and be cautious about the genre of the film they are planning to watch with them.

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