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Escalator Incident At SM City Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines Caused Trauma To Some Victims


The escalator incident at sm city Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines caused trauma to some victims.The accident that happened to Gretchen Rosal Manaig, 34, and Jerald Manaig, 31, of Calamba City caused trauma to their three children in a mall in Santa Rosa, Laguna yesterday, March 5, 2022.

What Happened During The Escalator Incident At SM Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines?

Gretchen and Jerald have children aged five, six, and twelve who were injured when they were pinned down by people who lost their balance from the escalator that suddenly moved downward.

Escalator ng mall sa Laguna, biglang bumulusok pababa

"We really don't know the reason why it happened because of the fast-paced events," said Gretchen in an interview with Cabinet Files on Monday afternoon, March 6, about the accident they experienced with her family.

According to Gretchen, it was around five in the afternoon on a normal Sunday, the mall was filled with many people when the accident happened.

Gretchen, her husband, and their three children were the last ones on the escalator going up when it suddenly moved backward and downward causing other passengers to fall.

According to Gretchen, they were pinned down by eight to ten people which caused injuries to her husband and children.

The accident caused trauma to the children, and they refused to enter the mall and ride the escalator again.

The entire incident was clearly captured on video, which has now gone viral on social media. Gretchen only found out about the circulated video when her friends tagged her.

"The SM City management did not neglect their responsibilities as they brought the victims to Marian Hospital, and they continue to monitor the condition of Gretchen and her family.

"They assisted us with medical expenses and checked up on us. We still don't know the reason for the escalator incident as they are still conducting meetings," said Gretchen.

The SM City Santa Rosa management released an official statement regarding the escalator malfunction, which they continue to investigate.

Sm city statement
Sm city statement

People Also Ask

How Many People Were Injured In The Santa Rosa Laguna Escalator Accident?

Twenty people, including Gretchen Rosal Manaig and her three children, were injured in the Santa Rosa Laguna escalator accident.

Was There Any Warning Or Sign That The Escalator Was Malfunctioning Before The Accident Occurred?

There is no information available at this time as to whether there was any warning or sign that the escalator was malfunctioning before the accident occurred.

Are There Any Safety Regulations That SM City Santa Rosa Must Comply With For Their Escalators?

Yes, SM City Santa Rosa is required to comply with safety regulations for their escalators, and they are responsible for ensuring that their escalators are in proper working condition to prevent accidents.


In conclusion, the escalator incident at SM City Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines caused trauma to some victims as well as injuries. The cause of the malfunction is still under investigation, and SM City Santa Rosa management has taken action to support the victims and investigate the incident. It is important for establishments like malls to comply with safety regulations and regularly maintain their equipment to prevent similar accidents in the future.

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