Eurostar London to Amsterdam is the brand new direct journey launched by those happy chappies over at the famous Eurostar.

This is great news for me. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to pick someone up from the airport after their visit to Amsterdam but christ, you really have to air your car out afterwards.


They give it the whole ‘oh I’m going to see the Anne Frank museum,’ but are they bollocks. The second the touch down, they’re in a coffee shop enjoying the plant life and not showering. Next time, on the Eurostar London to Amsterdam please.

I’m not one for weed myself – I’m paranoid enough as it is – so I can’t say I’ll be hopping on this train an awful lot (yes I know there’s more to Amsterdam than weed and paying for sex) but if you’re inclined to swing that way, then this is the train for you.

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From the 30th of April, London-based travellers will be able to go direct to Amsterdam and from the 18th of May, direct to Rotterdam.

Eurostar chief executive Mike Cooper said:

Our services from the UK to the Netherlands have proved very popular with over half a million travellers since launch.


Our fully direct service marks an exciting advance for high-speed rail and provides consumers with a comfortable, environmentally friendly alternative to the airlines on one of Europe’s busiest leisure and business routes.

It’s a huge market, 4.3 million air market at the moment. What’s interesting is that there’s a precise parallel to when we started Paris back in 1994, it was the same size air market, and look what’s developed since.

We think it’s going to be a hugely credible alternative to flying and a sustainable alternative to flying as well.”



eurostar london to amsterdam

It’s also not that pricey, with tickets starting at £35 for a oneway journey.

Yes it’s unlikely you’ll be after a oneway ticket, but that’s still not too bad at all.

Mark Smith, founder of, told PA:

Eurostar has been tackling one of the biggest air routes in Europe with one hand tied behind its back.



Now they can go all-out for a large chunk of that air market.

As per The Independent, the journey will take you from central London to central Amsterdam in around four hours which, considering you can use your phone for most of it, is a far more attractive prospect than all of the admin associated with flying and dealing with airports.

Tickets go on sale on the 11th of this month. Be there… if you want.

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