Evangeline Lilly Refuses To Self-Isolate As It’s ‘Business As Usual’ For Her Family

AvatarHannah Humphreys in News, Weird
Published 20.03.20

Even though the UK government are yet to enforce a nationwide lockdown many individuals and families across the country have decided to self-isolate.

Many have done so as they are fearful for more vulnerable family members and their children and to limit the effect on the emergency services in these intrepid times.

Even celebs have taken it upon themselves to stay behind closed doors – which you could argue is easy for them as many of them earn their living via social media ‘spons’.

But some are determined to hold onto their freedom.

We’ve seen holidaying Brits abroad ignoring nationwide lockdown measures revelling on the streets and ‘Lost’ and ‘Ant Man’ actress Evangeline Lilly is no different.


Evangeline Lilly’s Instagram post to her 2.3m followers suggested it was ‘business as usual’ for her and her family despite a statement issued by The White House requesting Americans to stay at home and avoid gathering in groups of more than 10.


But it’s the comments that really started to raise eyebrows as followers began to vent their anger at her ‘irresponsibility’.

Evangeline Lilly then revealed that not only was she determined to continue living her day-to-day life as usual, but she was also living with her father who has stage 4 leukaemia which as many of you will know puts him in a high-risk category for contracting the coronavirus.

In the face of criticism Evangeline Lilly was keen to respond to those who asked: “No corona house arrest???”.

Replying: “Not for this family”.

Another commenter then added: “Oh that’s disappointing. Social distancing is the only way to protect the most vulnerable. We are all in this together”.

Evangeline Lilly then responded: “It seems we have similar views and probably would have a lot we agree upon if we could sit, face-to-face, to discuss it. I bet we would completely agree on what we want and what we are trying to avoid, and then would challenge each other thoughtfully about how to achieve that”.

“I’m having those conversations daily with people in my inner circle and am always considering and reconsidering my position”.

“Where we are right now feels a lot too close to Marshall Law for my comfort already, all in the name of a respiratory flu”.

“It’s unnerving. I appreciate your engagement and the meaningful discourse. Let’s be vigilant right now”.

“And kind”.

“Watchful and gracious – keeping a close eye on our leaders, making sure they don’t abuse this moment to steal away more freedoms and grab more power, but gracious with each other as we try to navigate the unknown dangers of a modern, global world and power structure”.

Thoughtfully adding: “Stay in touch. We’re in this together. Thank you for listening. I have heard you”.

Of course, Evangeline Lilly is well-within her own rights to operate as she sees fit, for her and her own family but there will be many who disagree with her line of thought.

Another commenter who seemed to disagree with Evangeline said: “One thing is carrying on as usual, but to announce it on social media like this, which will encourage others to do the same, is potentially deadly. Well done”. 

Images via Instagram