After almost a week, the Ever Given is floating once again as more cargo ships are forced to take longer routes to avoid the ship that is now a blockade.

The 400m-long (1,300ft) Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal last week. This led to a significant pause in the delivery of goods as ships across the world were forced to charter new courses. Naturally, the significant incident also led to plenty of memes.

The meme-worthy ship is now afloat. While this doesn’t mean that the route is clear, authorities believe it’s part of good progress.

How did the ship get stuck?

Running a 200,000-tonne vessel into the ground is a pretty rare incident. In this instance, the boat was caught up in a particularly strong sandstorm along the Egyptian canal.

The Suez Canal Authority has concluded that a sandstorm impaired the vision of the crew and was the cause of the ship going off-course. Despite the accidental nature of the incident, the repercussions have been felt across the globe.

What has got the ship floating?

The Dutch company Smit Salvage and Suez Canal Authority reportedly used a series of tug boats to return the vessel into the water. These efforts have been a success so far with the stern of the ship, which had been four metres from the shore, now 102m clear of the ground. These boats will likely continue to guide the once grounded cargo ship.

It is unclear when the ship will be able to continue its journey or where it will end up. However, the moving of the ship is important after six days of blocking a busy route. As a result, it is believed that billions have been lost because of the lost time.

Why was this a costly mishap?

The accident has proved costly because the canal sees the transportation of 12% of total global trade. As a result, this closure has impacted trade around the world with some companies opting for a journey that would take 9 more days than originally planned.

With this in mind, many will be relieved that the lodged ship is now moving. Although, it may still be some time before the canal is operating as it usually does.

More memes.

On the back of this positive news, plenty of Twitter users have expressed their slight disappointment at losing a good joke template. Others have begun imagining how the ship was moved, in a typically comedic fashion.

The ship is now floating away, and many are hoping that this will allow for trade to continue. Others will now continue a quest to find the next great meme template.

Safe travels Ever Given!

Image via Alamy.