Every Aldi Store To Close On Boxing Day To Give All Staff A Rest

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford in News, UK
Published 28.11.19

Every Aldi store in the country will be closed this Boxing Day to give staff a well-deserved rest

And because it’s Boxing Day and everyone should be watching a Harry Potter film in their pyjamas with a tin of Quality Street.


If there’s one thing I hate about Christmas it’s food shopping. I’m one of the few people that actually loses weight over the festive period, simply ’cause I just can’t be f*cked to face the seventh layer of Hell that is a supermarket at Christmas. And I’m just a customer – imagine how the poor staff feel. They have to deal with primal shoppers and extra hours, not to mention hazardous trolley driving, all while listening to Christmas classics on loop, day after day. I truly salute each and every one of them.

I used to work at M&S when I was a teen, so I thought I’d be able to share a personal memory here, but honestly, I think I’ve blocked it out.


Aldi stores will be closed this Boxing Day

So, if you ask me, by giving their staff the day off on Boxing Day, Aldi have it right. And to be fair, who really needs to pop to the shops anyway the day after Christmas? My Granny legit lives off turkey leftovers right up until New Year’s Day each and every year.

This is actually somewhat of a Christmas tradition for the supermarket giant, as they’ve been closed every Boxing Day for ten years now – and all to give their staff a well-deserved break after the busy Christmas period. So cute.


This means that once you pick up your last bits and bobs from Aldi on Christmas Eve, you won’t be able to set foot into one of their stores until the 27th December. And, yeah, a lot of shoppers aren’t happy that apparently (after a quick socia media scan). To you I say, pop round my Granny’s house. She’d bloody love it and you’ll eat enough turkey to turn you vegan. That, or you can just go to another supermarket.

Chill, hons.

Kevin The Carrot toys cause fights in Aldi as angry customers use “trolleys as weapons”

I say that, but from the looks of things, a large majority of Aldi shoppers need to take up some mindfulness or life art or something, ’cause ‘chill’ is not the word for some of this morning’s behaviour.


Kevin the Carrot has been causing fights all over the UK as shoppers desperately tried to get their hands on the plush toys released by Aldi. Kevin the Carrot toys went on sale this morning, leading to fights breaking out all over the country, as the supply, apparently, didn’t meet the demand (I actually predicted this, FYI). Read more here.


After today, I imagine Kevin the Carrot’s looking forward to putting his feet up and chowing down on some turkey leftovers himself on Boxing Day. He’s technically staff, right? Do ‘carrot’ me if i’m wrong.

Sorry, I was dying to squeeze that joke in somewhere. 

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