I always worry about asking a girl for her number. On balance, I rarely ever try to chat a lady up in real life and usually leave it to Tinder (because I’m a coward), but even then I worry that I’m being too forward.

Meanwhile, you get people like “Josh”, who find out girls’ numbers using their weird online know-how and expect to be welcomed with open arms when he messages.


Lynda Lorraine, 20, was on the train when she has a brief conversation with a man. That was seemingly the end of that but, crazily, later on she got a text from said man, even though the two didn’t swap any contact details.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote:





I mean that is definitely strange behaviour. 100% something that he thought would be romantic and quirky, like what he’d seen in some kind of romcom, but things just don’t turn out like that in real life.

One thing lovable rogues in romcoms never do, however, is hurl misogynistic slurs at people when they get rejected.

Lynda was rightly creeped out by the advances and she managed to compose herself amazingly, even remaining levelheaded in the responses to her tweet…


Indy100 spoke to Lynda, with her saying:

Initially I thought it was odd but it didn’t register how seriously creepy it was until later on in the day.

I haven’t heard anything from him since, his number is blocked.



And I tried finding out who our mutual friends were but I haven’t had any luck finding his social media.

I don’t have an active LinkedIn account at the moment, so I don’t think he accessed it that way, and as far as I know, none of my contact information is online.

Images via Twitter