Everyone Missed Varys Trying To Poison Daenerys And It Could Have Huge Implications For The Finale

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 14.05.19

This article contains spoilers.

In episode five of the latest Game of Thrones season, Varys was killed after going behind Daenerys’ back. However, people are only just realising that he actually tried to poison her, and it could have huge implications the rest of season 8.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Varys.

The Master of Whispers has been arguably the most sneaky and devious character throughout Game Of Thrones, manipulating kings and queens at will in order to bend the fate of Westeros to his will.


He’s also a master gossiper too, and I empathise with that a great deal.

Anyway, he was incinerated fairly early on in the latest episode after crossing Daenerys, but let’s back-up for a second.

At the start of the episode, Varys is very clearly writing a letter explaining Jon Snow’s true lineage, presumably to send to everyone in order to justify Jon taking the throne.


While the full note in its entirety wasn’t all that visible, we can make out the following:

…not the only Targaryen left. Rhaegar and Lyanna… their son lives still, hidden by Eddard Stark… he is the true heir to the Iron Throne…

So clearly he was going behind Daenerys’ back, which is why she sentenced him to death after Tyrion told on him. Bad friend.

However, it’s when one of Varys’s “little birds,” Martha, enters the room, when things get really interesting. From the exchange below, it’s quite clear he tried to use the girl to poison Dany and kill her off.

Here’s the exchange:

Varys: “Nothing?”

Martha: “She won’t eat.”

Martha: “We’ll try again at supper.”

Girl: “I think they’re watching me.”


Varys: “Who?”

Girl: “Her soldiers.”

Varys: “Of course they are. That’s their job. What have I told you, Martha?”

Girl: “The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.”

Varys: “Go on. They’ll be missing you in the kitchen.”

It’s so obvious!

That’s not all though. Not by a long shot.

Remember Varys’ rings he so carefully took off before Grey Worm and the Unsullied took him away? It may just signal how Dany is going to die in the final episode.


You’ll remember that Olenna Tyrell was able to poison Joffrey at his wedding with poison pellets disguised as part of Sansa Stark’s necklace – with the help of Littlefinger. This kind of poisoning is a trope we’ve seen throughout GoT, and serves as a nice callback to season one where Pycelle tells Ned Stark that eunuchs just love to poison folk.

Another interesting theory is that Varys could be leaving the poisoned ring for Tyrion.

They’re pretty good friends – evidenced by that brief yet poignant moment they have right before Varys’ death – and maybe Varys knew Tyrion would find his possessions and realise what he has to do.


Remember, Varys has always been one step ahead of the game throughout the show, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him have one more trick up his sleeve in order to prevent the Mad Queen from taking the throne.

Of course, it’s all just speculation at the moment, and the removal of his ring could just be symbolic of him shedding all his possessions and loyalties in light of his impending death.

Still, after the events of the latest episode, Tyrion knows there’s no coming back for Daenerys. He fully realises she has to be stopped, and with the help of Varys, he might just have found a cunning way to do it.

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