Extinction Rebellion Protester Pulled Off Top Of Tube

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 17.10.19

Shocking footage shows an Extinction Rebellion protester being dragged from the top of a tube train by commuters and repeatedly kicked on the floor.

I’ll be honest, I’m all for saving the world and I do my bit by walking, if and when possible, not buying plastic-packaged products unless I’m backed into a corner, not eating much beef and generally being mindful, but Extinction Rebellion have gotten out of hand.

What are they achieving by ruining everyone in London’s day? They’re making me want to throw plastic into the ocean out of spite (I’m not going to do that) and now, after they were banned in the capital, they’ve caused even more trouble on the Underground.


Footage this morning shows the moment that an Extinction Rebellion protester climbed on the top of a Tube train at Canning Town to protest climate change – despite the Underground being a relatively eco-friendly mode of transport – before being pulled down by angry commuters and attacked.

The footage appears to have been taken by ITV journalist Mahatir Pasha, who shared the video to Twitter with the caption:

Shocking moment angry commuters drag two #ExtinctionRebellion protestors off the top of a train in Canning Town and attack them.”


Have a watch…


The protesters were brandishing a sign that read “Business as usual = death”, which makes literally no sense and perhaps most weirdly, it looks like they were dressed for a normal day of work.

Was that part of the message? Were they trying to disguise themselves at first? Or was their protest really a whim in the heat of the moment?

extinction rebellion tube

Things got pretty heated as commuters pleaded for the men to get down, but as they refused, projectiles started hitting them. One man then tried to reach a protester, who appeared to kick him in the head as payback, before getting dragged off the train entirely and kicked by multiple passers-by while on the floor.


Honestly, I’m not one for violence but I genuinely think I might have snuck a foot in if I were there. Again, I agree with the cause of Extinction Rebellion, but their methods are so ill-advised.

By halting Underground and bus services, you’re not stopping people from going to work and having a ‘long, hard think about what they’re doing to the world,’ you’re just getting them to work late, via Uber – a company that doesn’t pay it’s staff enough and is worse for the environment since everyone’s in an individual car, rather than one big, shared mode of transport.

Idiots, honestly. Just idiots.

We’ll see how this pans out.

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