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Extracting Chlorophyll From A Leaf To Make It Translucent


A Reddit video about extracting chlorophyll from a leaf to make it translucent is getting popular with 14.8k upvotes.

Have you ever pondered the question of what hue a leaf would be if it weren't a luscious shade of green?

The straightforward experiments that are described in this article will assist you in removing chlorophyll from the leaves, which will, in turn, reveal the leaves' "true" color.

Have a good time when you try out these experiments.

The Reddit video of extracting chlorophyll from a leaf to make it translucent is provided below.

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Here are some of the interesting comments.

A Reddit user explained about the chemical, "google says alcohol can do it. not sure what the powder is."

Another said, "Depending on what I’m looking for I usually use a strong solution of hydrogen peroxide or in other cases lab-grade alcohols and other solvents."

Reddit user idontdigdinosaurs explained the process, " I use a 50% solution and leave it for 8 to 24 hours, depending on the sample. With alcohol, it’s easier. There are a bunch of easy to follow YouTube vids to check out. Methods depend on the alcohol you use."

Scare_Conditioner_ shared some interesting information, "They’re using a “similar” process to turn asparagus into new channels to carry spinal cord nerves. They helped a paralyzed dog walk again. If we make it to the future it’s gonna be awesome"

What Is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the substance that gives plant leaves their green color.

The function of chlorophyll is to take in photons of light from the surrounding environment and convert them into usable energy for the plant.

Plant leaves submerged in a liquid in a beaker
Plant leaves submerged in a liquid in a beaker

Extraction Of Chlorophyll From Leaves Experiment

Chlorophyll may be isolated from leaves which might help us gain a better understanding of the substance.

We will then be able to see the real color of the leaf, which we will also be able to observe in the autumn, right before the leaves fall off the trees.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 ounces of water.
  • Pot.
  • Slotted spoon.
  • 1 huge green leaf.
  • 1 cup of rubbing alcohol.
  • Glass.


The steps are given below:

  • Place a pot on the burner and add two cups of water to it.
  • The pot should be medium in size.
  • Raise the temperature to a high setting.
  • Put your leaf in the boiling water for two minutes after the water has been brought to a boil.
  • Take the saucepan off the heat immediately.
  • To remove the leaf, a slotted spoon is the best tool to use.
  • Place a tall glass that can withstand heat in the center of the pot containing the boiling water, then pour one cup of rubbing alcohol into the glass.
  • You don't want the water in the pot to get into the glass, so be careful not to let it.
  • Put the leaf in the glass, and then add some rubbing alcohol to it.
  • Make certain that the rubbing alcohol covers the full surface of the leaf.
  • After waiting an hour, examine the leaf to see how it has changed.
  • The real color of the leaf ought to be visible now.
  • The color of the rubbing alcohol will change to green at this point.
  • The chlorophyll that was extracted from the plant is what gives the rubbing alcohol its green color.
A close up view of leaf vein structure
A close up view of leaf vein structure

Removing Chlorophyll From Leaves Might Be Done By Organic Solvents

Because chlorophylls are so hydrophobic, they can be extracted using organic solvents that are incompatible with water.

These solvents are called immiscible. Take, for instance, oils used in cooking.

If you have an extract in an organic solvent like acetone, ethanol, or methanol, and you add water to the mixture, the extract will precipitate out of the solution very rapidly.

How To Remove Chlorophyll From Leaves Without Alcohol?

The supercritical fluid extraction (SPE) method, which uses 10 grams of supercritical fluid for every gram of extract, is considered to be the most effective method for removing chlorophyll.

Alternatively, chlorophyll can be removed from an extract by repeatedly passing it through activated charcoal.

Extraction Of Chlorophyll From Leaves Using Acetone

In all of the plants that were evaluated in a study, the total chlorophyll that was extracted using 90 percent acetone had a higher concentration than that extracted using either 95 percent ethanol or 80 percent acetone.

The findings indicate that acetone with a concentration of 90 percent is the most effective solvent for extracting chlorophyll from aquatic plants when spectrophotometry is employed to determine the chlorophyll content.

How To Extract Chlorophyll From Spinach?

You are going to need the folowing:

  • Spinach leaves.
  • Nail polish remover.
  • Gloves.
  • Mask.
  • Duct tape.
  • Old muffin tin.
  • Glass bowls.
  • Metal spoon.
  • Cotton rag.
  • Paper towels.
  • Hand blender.


Step 1 - Take an old muffin pan, then cover it with a couple of sheets of paper towels and set it aside.

A piece of duct tape could be utilized to secure the paper towels in place.

Step 2 - The cotton rag should be used to cover the opening of the glass bowl. This will serve as a filter for the results.

You can either chop the spinach or geranium leaves, or you can use a hand blender to make a rough paste of them.

The coarse mixture should be poured into a bowl made of glass.

Step 3 - Put on your gloves, then take the nail polish remover and pour a quarter of it into the glass bowl.

It is important to keep in mind to put on the mask so that you do not accidentally breathe in the nail paint remover.

Step 4 - Make sure the ingredients are well combined by stirring them together with the metal spatula while at the same time pressing down on the leaves to break them up entirely.

Step 5 - Because the leaves are being crushed and stirred, the liquid that is produced will take on a green hue.

This is because chlorophyll is being removed from the leaves during the process.

Employ the second glass dish and pass the liquid through the cotton rag to remove any solids.

The cotton rag will end up with all of the residues that were left behind.

Take special care not to get any liquid on your clothes or anywhere else on your body.

Step 6 - Now, using the spatula, carefully pour the liquid into the muffin tins until they are all full.

A secondary layer of filtration for the liquid will be provided by the paper towels.

Step 7 - After the liquid has been poured into the muffin tin, take the tin and place it in direct sunlight so that the nail polish remover can evaporate.

It is important to keep the tray out of the reach of small children and animals, as the liquid may be harmful to them.

The chlorophyll that was removed can be found as a residue that settled on the bottom of the muffin tin.

When you are finished with the experiment, don't forget to dispose of the used gloves and muffin tin by throwing them away.

Two leaves without chlorophyll placed on a black surface
Two leaves without chlorophyll placed on a black surface

People Also Ask

What Is Chlorophyll Extraction?

The process of removing chlorophyll from leaves for experiments is chlorophyll extraction. Chlorophyll is the pigment in green plants that is responsible for the absorption of light. Using a non-polar solvent, we are able to do a straightforward chlorophyll extraction from a leaf.

Which Chemical Do We Use To Remove Chlorophyll From A Leaf?

Alcohol is used for extracting chlorophyll from leaves during photosynthesis experiments.

How Would Removing Chlorophyll From Leaves Affect Photosynthesis?

Chlorophyll is a chemical that is related to the color pigments that are found in the majority of plants that have green leaves. Without chlorophyll, the leaves of plants will not be green, which will make it difficult or impossible for plants to receive energy from the sun for the process of photosynthesis. Because of this, the plant will eventually die.


Have you heard about the process of extracting chlorophyll from a leaf to make it translucent before? Do let us know if you tried the above experiments before.

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