An absolutely livid family are looking to find a man who they caught on camera climbing onto their car and having a poo on the roof.

Look I know what you’re think and in a way, yes, a Honda Jazz did get what it deserved in this footage but still, this is quite disgusting.

I maintain that anyone who has either a Honda Jazz, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Avensis or various other Toyotas have reserved themselves to having no fun in their lives and at the very least, they deserve a shit on the ol’ roof, but actually seeing that in practice has made my stomach turn somewhat.


Kirk Petrakis, 42, and wife Hannah, 35, where disgusted when they saw a big ol’ turd on the top of their car which they bought just a month ago.

Checking their home CCTV after thinking that it was simply too big to come from an animal, the couple saw that a couple of fellas were responsible as they were filmed at 5am that morning, laughing as one of them climbed on top of the car and did… the thing.


Posting the footage to Facebook, Kirk wrote:

I am so Angry it’s beyond words, our beautiful family feel let down, this man was also on our flat roof of our house and scared one of my girls, who is 7 years, thank God they did not see his penis and him having a shit and wee on our family car… some folks might find this funny… but this is beyond a joke

man takes dump on car

He went on to say:

We don’t know what’s going on in their minds but it’s disgusting. I’ve seen some things out there on social media but this is just unbelievable.


I’m horrified and so frustrated by the way things keep getting worse and worse. My poor little daughters are too scared to sleep in their bedroom now.

We heard a noise out in the street and then we thought my seven-year-old daughter was having a nightmare at first.

She said somebody was standing on the roof outside her bedroom and we thought she meant the flat roof – we looked out and couldn’t see anything.

Then in the morning we found this huge human poo on the roof of our car – which was parked right outside the kids’ bedroom window.”


I mean yeah, it is disgusting.

Video of the man on the flat roof,

Posted by Kirk Petrakis on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Mr Petrakis, from Cornwall, continued:

My wife cleaned it off and then I played the CCTV back and you can see what they did clearly.

He stands up and pees on the car as well. He did everything. I was just speechless.


We have given the footage to the police. I want an apology. I want them to be named. I want them to pay for the work to get our new car fixed.

I don’t know what he means by “get our new car fixed,” but perhaps they dented or scratched it when climbing onto the roof.

Devon and Cornwall police are currently investigating the footage.

Images via Facebook