The story of Carole Baskin and her missing husband excited the audience of Tiger King and the saga continues as the family of Don Lewis appeal for more information.

Carole Baskin made her debut on Dancing With the Stars on Monday night and once again the wild cat keeper was surrounded by drama. The family of Don Lewis aired an ad during a commercial break in the show which pleaded for more information about the disappearance and Carole Baskin.

Three of Jack Donald Lewis’ children as well as his assistant appeared in the advert appealing for information about his disappearance. At the end of the video, alongside attorney John M. Phillips, the family offered a $100,000 reward for information. During the show itself, Carole Baskin embraced her Tiger King fame but only managed to score 11/30.

Apparently, before performing her tiger themed Pasodoble Carole Baskin was informed about the advert. The wild cat keeper has told Metro:

“Someone (a reporter I won’t name) made sure that I knew about it 10 minutes before going out on the dance floor tonight and you can see that it did not keep me from bringing the best performance of my two weeks of learning.”

It seems that the celebrity is focused on dancing at the moment, although many will wonder if and how the disappearance of Don Lewis will be resolved.

Carole Baskin continues her journey on Dancing With The Stars next week.