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Family Of Woman Raise £75K To Bring Her Back To UK After She Fell From Thai Balcony


A family of woman raise £75k to bring her back to UK after she fell from Thai balcony. Maddi Neale-Shankster, 21, who was on the island of Ko Pha-Ngan with her partner for a "dream vacation," sustained life-threatening injuries after she fell more than 60 feet from a hotel balcony on New Year's Eve.

Following the incident, which left her with spinal fractures and blood and fluid on her chest, her family has stated that she "may never walk again."

The beauty therapist from Coventry is currently detained in Thailand because she didn't have enough travel insurance to cover repatriation, even though her parents had already gone there to consult with medical professionals and British Embassy staff.

So, family of woman raise £75k to bring her back to UK after she fell from Thai balcony. The GoFundMe pagefor her family's fundraising efforts states: "Our beautiful daughter Maddi sadly may never walk again after a devastating fall from a 60ft balcony whilst on her dream holiday in Thailand. Since the fall we are now coping with the realisation that potentially she may never walk again."

Neale-Shankster, they continued, had been "left on the floor for 40 minutes helpless" prior to the ambulance's arrival.

The GoFundMe stated:

We have been advised that medical evacuation could cost up to 100k and treatment costs are mounting daily. We have already paid for her operations, treatments, and medications up to date and will continue to do so but our biggest concern now is bringing her home. Her lungs aren’t stable enough to fly without ICD drains on both sides, but to fly with drains requires a repatriation team to fly over with all necessary medical equipment and fly her home safely.

According to the family, nurses told them that it would take a year before they could fly without ICD drains. More than £75,000 has already been gathered for Neale-Shankster through the GoFundMe, and any additional cash will be donated to charity.

According to Karen Moseley-Neale, her daughter fell and shattered her back, had two of her lungs collapse, and had her liver perforated. She did claim that following back surgery, her condition had greatly improved.

The worried mother told BBC News:

She's really well in herself, she's sitting up, she's certainly found her sense of humor. She's actually lucky to be here only for the grace of God and the surgeons.- Karen Moseley-Neale

She also warned people to be careful when choosing their insurance coverage when they travel abroad, saying: "She took holiday insurance while in Thailand for 10,000 baht (£247). She thought it was £10,000... I'd hate for anybody to be in this position."


The family of a woman raise £75k to bring her back to the UK after she fell from a Thai balcony.

Her family learned that her travel insurance did not cover the cost of getting her home safely, so they started a GoFundMe campaign. According to the Foreign Office, help is being given.

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