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Family Rolls Out Red Carpet For Grandma As They Meet After 3 Years


A family rolls out red carpet for grandma as they meet after 3 years. After nearly three years of travel restrictions and lockdown, the first planes from China landed at Changi Airport on January 8.

After a few years of separation, families were able to come back together. As a fitting greeting for a family member they had sadly missed, one Singaporean family practically pulled out the red carpet.

The family rolls out red carpet for grandma as they meet after 3 years at the arrival hall at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Before a loved one arrived, the man in the video was fixing the carpet.

A boy and a girl were standing at the end of the carpet. According to 8World News, the girl was holding a Chinese sign that read, "A warm welcome, darling grandma," while the boy was clutching a bouquet of flowers.

The baggage claim area was exited by ground employees pushing an older woman, possibly the grandmother, out of a wheelchair.

The old woman, who was thought to be her grandma, got out of the wheelchair when she saw her family and walked down the red carpet to be greeted by the kids.

Families Reunite

A guy from Singapore named Yan said that his wife and kids were waiting for him at Changi Airport.

According to what he told, they haven't seen one another in nearly four years. 2018 marked their most recent meeting.

Yan said he could only talk to them on video chats and over the phone, so he was looking forward to seeing them again.

Yan stated,"Because of the pandemic, I couldn't return to China."

He also disclosed that he intended to permanently relocate his son and wife to Singapore and enroll his children in Singaporean schools.

MOH To Closely Watch The Situation Around The World

Singapore does not have a requirement for a negative Covid-19 test, but some nations, like Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, do.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) promised the public that additional border health precautions will be taken if needed.

On December 30, 2022, MOH issued a press release,

We are watching the situation closely, including both upstream developments and the loading on our own healthcare system. We stand ready to reinstate border health measures for selected countries if warranted by the public health situation.

China could help the tourism industries in Southeast Asia if it made it easier for people to travel.


A family rolls out red carpet for grandma as they meet after 3 years. China officially opened its borders on January 8, when the first flights from China arrived at Changi Airport in Singapore. This came after nearly three years of travel restrictions and a lockdown.

Families can be seen getting back together at the airport after being split up for a while. A little red carpet had been set up at the arrival hall, and 8World Newsreported seeing a family of four there.

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