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Famous Japanese Anime Director Hayao Miyazaki To Release A New Film Next Year


Famous Japanese anime director Hayao Miyazaki to release a new film next year. Fans of Studio Ghibli can now rejoice after waiting for almost six years.

Hayao Miyazaki's most recent animated motion picture, How Do You Live?, is scheduled to open in theaters across Japan on July 14th, 2023, according to a fresh post from the company's official Twitter account.

The tweet features a piece of hand-drawn movie art, a charcoal and watercolor sketch of a creature that resembles a bird and probably represents one of the characters.

The famous Japanese anime director Hayao Miyazaki to release a new film next year. The movie is an adaptation of Yoshino Genzaburo's 1937 children's book of the same name. The book, according to Miyazaki, had a significant influence on both his personal and professional lives as an animator.

So it was only a matter of time before he and his animation crew gave the book the royal treatment. The main characters of the original book are a 15-year-old boy named Copper, who is dealing with the death of his father in pre-warJapan, and the kid's uncle, who supports him in overcoming his grief and addressing the most difficult issues in life.

However, Miyazaki will magnify the plot a hundred times and use some of the best animation he has ever created in his telling of the tale.

The Difficulties Of Finishing Miyazaki's Final Film

Hayao Miyazaki, regarded by many as the "godfather of animation," had already retired after the release of his previous movie The Wind Rises back in 2013.

In spite of Studio Ghibli's statement, Miyazaki decided shortly after to end his retirement in order to direct one final movie for his grandson. How Do You Live?'s production started in 2016, but at that time, there was no set timetable or release date.

Miyazaki wanted to invest every last bit of his artistic magic into the project, so he took his time to carefully craft the narrative and hand-draw every frame. It took Miyazaki three years to finish the first 36 minutes of the movie with a staff of 60 animators (out of a projected 125 minutes).

Toshio Suzuki, an executive at the studio, provided periodic updates on the status and said that because the crew had to work from home during COVID-19 lockdowns, production actually went up. After the pandemic, the movie was ultimately finished in 2022, as planned.


Famous Japanese anime director Hayao Miyazaki to release a new film next year. How Do You Live? concludes Miyazaki's professional career in an elegant and magnificent way, and it will definitely be just as flawless as his many other works, if not even more so.

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