Fan In $7,000 Seat Filmed Sleeping During Middle Of Super Bowl

Now for you and I and the average Joe, perhaps a spend of just over £5.3k on Super Bowl seats is a considerable luxury, but for one fan who has been recorded on camera ‘sleeping’ during Sunday’s game at Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium, it’s a hefty price to pay for a nap.


The nap was caught on camera during the first quarter of the game – and was seen by millions around the world.


Many Super Bowl fans would be aghast that the unidentified man decided to crash out in his recliner in the lower levels of the stands behind the Chiefs end zone.

It seems pretty insane to pay such a large sum to miss the game – despite it not really kicking-off until the fourth quarter.


The footage was shared on Twitter by a baffled Super Bowl fan and sports reporter who wrote: “Somehow, this man is sleeping through the #SuperBowl. We’re still only in the first quarter”.


Twitter users were left pretty baffled at the man’s decision, saying: “Holy crap how much did he pay to sleep at the Super Bowl?”.

With another adding: “How could someone sleep at the most iconic events? The Super Bowl was a must watch!”.

Others praised his abilities to catch forty-winks in such a loud environment saying: “No sleep mask. No ear plugs. No weighted blanket. Pure talent”.

Man’s got pure skills.

Another implied it was a small price to pay to potentially escape the kids.

“My man just wanted some time away from his kids”, read the tweet.



Fair point.

Another joked: “Told his wife he was working overtime. Becomes a national treasure”.

Or perhaps he just had one too many:

“Day drinking is one of the most difficult sports there is”, said another.

We can vouch for that!

The woman who filmed the incident was keen to get the inside scoop from the man himself during halftime, after she spotted his friend showing him the video when he awoke – although it didn’t go down too well.


She later updated her Twitter:


We expect an onslaught of memes in due course.


The video has since had more than 5 million views on Twitter.


With the average ticket costing $7,000 many have since dubbed it “the world’s most expensive nap”.

CBS Sports’ John Breech added: “This is what happens when you go on a three-night South Beach bender before attending the Super Bowl”.

“This is the 1%. Just sleeping his money away”, remarked another Twitter user.

We could think of cheaper places to take a nap.

It’s usually free of charge at home – unless the better half charges duvet tax like mine.


Steal it once, leaving him in the cold has me forking out a quid a time – such is love.

Thinking about it, he may well have enough cash to get himself a reclining seat at the game and catch a better snooze…

I’ll leave him a memo.